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Latest stories

  • How to trade derivatives using Kwenta Bankless

    Level up your crypto finance game five times a week. Get on the Bankless Program. Subscribe nowDear Bankless Nation,Synthetix is targeting the largest financial market in the world: derivatives.A derivative on DeFi allows us to tokenize price exposure to just about anything—gold, the S&P500, and Tesla stock. The derivatives market is over $640 trillion…it dwarfs all other assets in size.But Synthetix’s original exchange was a bit clunky and unintuitive. Crypto nerds might f… … More

  • On the Verge of Mainstream: PayPal to Add Crypto for Payments The Defiant

    Hello Defiers! Here’s the latest:PayPal is putting crypto at its 346M users’ fingertips, strengthening the CeFi to DeFi bridgeUniswap’s first governance vote failed because of the very thing it was trying to fight: voter apathyThought yield farming boom days were over? Barn Bridge drew over $200M in a weekYield Protocol releases fixed interest-bearing token fyDai.The open economy is taking over the old one. Subscribe to keep up with this revolution. Click here to pay with … … More

  • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is now available on Coinbase The Coinbase Blog – Medium

    Starting today, Coinbase supports Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) at Coinbase.com and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. Coinbase customers can now buy, sell, convert, send, receive, or store WBTC. WBTC is available in all Coinbase-supported regions, with the exception of New York State.Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is an Ethereum token that is intended to represent Bitcoin (BTC) on the Ethereum blockchain. It is not Bitcoin, but rather a separate ERC-20 token that’s designed to track B… … More

  • Centre Consortium Announces Solana as Official Chain for USDC CENTRE blog – Medium

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA and BOSTON, MA — OCT 21, 2020 — Centre today announced that the Solana blockchain has become an Official Chain for USDC, continuing the expansion of USDC as an open standard and protocol for fiat digital currency on blockchains. USDC for Solana will open up exciting new possibilities with a new architecture that will enable applications that require much higher throughput and speed. USDC for Solana is now available on the Solana Mainnet.USDC has grown rapidly since its launch i… … More

  • The Price Action Feedback Loop Off The Chain

    To investors,There was a wave of positive news for Bitcoin this morning. It started with a significant price movement overnight that broke the $12,000 ceiling. This was a major price point that should open the door for further price appreciation due to lack of short interest at these higher levels.Next, Anna Irrera of Reuters broke the story that PayPal… Read more … … More

  • Why Do We Build? – The Daily Gwei #100 The Daily Gwei

    a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 { padding-bottom: 44.29945054945055%; padding-bottom: min(44.29945054945055%, 645px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 645px; } As you’ve probably noticed, today’s newsletter is the 100th issue of The Daily Gwei! I originally started this newsletter because I reall… … More

  • Yield Protocol Brings Fixed Lending to DeFi with fyDAI DeFi Rate

    Yield Protocol – a fixed lending protocol – has launched its beta with different flavors of interest-earning Dai called fyDAI. We are thrilled to announce the beta launch of the Yield Protocol on Ethereum.
    You can try it out at https://t.co/FXSpEfrETF.https://t.co/8y95yvnKKI
    — Yield Protocol (@yield) October 19, 2020 Users can leverage Yield to borrow Dai at fixed rates with ETH collateral or lend Dai at fixed rates.  The interest rates on Yield are set entirely by the market… … More

  • Why Optimism? Synthetix Blog

    The emergence of DeFi has clearly demonstrated Ethereum needs to scale before we reach ETH2.0, but maintaining composability within the DeFi ecosystem also requires coordinating on a single scaling solution.Thankfully the market is very good at anticipating and solving challenges like this and we now have many scaling technologies coming online. We’ve spoken to many of the teams working on the major scaling variants, and after reviewing each of them I believe Optimistic Ethereum is the scaling s… … More

  • Update To Dharma Gas Policy Dharma Blog

    Since launch, Dharma has paid for network fees, aka gas fees, for all user transactions. We pay gas for:– Deploying or recovering a Dharma Smart Wallet– Performing a swap– Transferring funds from Dharma to an external address In the spirit of early transparency, we want to inform all Dharma users that we are updating our gas policy. Here are the specifics of our new gas policy:– Security (aka deploying or recovering a Dharma Smart Wallet) — no change, still 100% co… … More

  • Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #120 Bitcoin Optech

    This week’s newsletter provides an overview of the new MuSig2 paper,
    summarizes additional discussion about upfront fees in LN, and describes
    a proposal to simplify management of LN payments. Also included are our
    regular sections with summaries of notable improvements to clients and
    services, announcements of releases and release candidates, and changes
    to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software. Action items None this week. News ● MuSig2 paper published: Jonas Nick, Tim Ruffing, a… … More

  • Bitpie builds stablecoin bridge between Ethereum and CKB Nervos Network – Medium

    Bitpie, a leading multi-blockchain wallet, revealed it has built a cross-chain pegged stablecoin bridge between Ethereum and CKB, the Layer 1 of Nervos Network. The integration brings stablecoins, one of the most important infrastructures for DeFi, payments, and other applications, to CKB for the first time.Stablecoins are made to minimize the volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies. They are pegged to a “stable” asset, such as fiat money, a cryptocurrency, or an exchange-traded commod… … More

  • How to mint rETH on Rocket Pool Bankless

    Level up your crypto finance game five times a week. Get on the Bankless Program. Subscribe nowDear Bankless Nation,Eth2 is around the corner. It’s time to get prepared. Rocket Pool is helping lower the barriers to entry by making Eth2 staking more inclusive by allowing anyone to stake with any amount of ETH. The best part? Rocket Pool is creating is a tokenized representation of staked ETH called rETH. When you hold rETH it automatically accrues staking rewards. If you want a head start o… … More

  • MetaMask Monthly: October 2020 MetaMask – Medium

    We hope you’ve had an epic month exploring the decentralized web, curating collectibles and farming vegetables. Our team has been super busy pushing updates, shipping products and furiously developing exciting new features for the MetaMask community. To help keep you up to date, we’re reinstating MetaMask Monthly!Before we continue, if you’re a dapp developer, please note that you have less than a month left to act on our breaking provider changes.In case you missed it, here’s what’s new in the … … More

  • Introducing the Redesigned, Easier-to-Use Maker Voting Portal The Maker Blog

    As a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, MakerDAO’s community governance processes are as important to the Maker Protocol as the blockchain-based smart contracts and price feeds that underpin it. Holders of MKR, the Maker governance token, cast blockchain-based votes that influence consumer behavior with the goal of maintaining Dai’s soft peg to the US Dollar and the high performance of the Protocol and the DAO as a whole.  The importance of voting to the Maker project can’t be under… … More

  • The Defiant’s Guide to Digital Art & NFTs The Defiant

    Hello Defiers! today’s issue is focusing on the rise of NFTs and whether they’re actually art, video included.The open economy is taking over the old one. Subscribe to keep up with this revolution. Click here to pay with DAI (for $100/yr) or sub with fiat by clicking on the button below ($10/mo, $100/yr).Subscribe now🎙Listen to this week’s podcast episode with Secret’s Tor Bair here: a.image2.image-link.image2-166-814 { padding-bott… … More

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