0x Protocol Releases New 0x API for Matcha Gas Efficiency DeFi Rate

0x Protocol – a leading DEX router – has released a new version of their 0x API (v1) alongside a comprehensive analysis on the performance of various DEX liquidity aggregators including the 0x API, 1inch, Dex Ag, Paraswap, and Uniswap.

Today we are excited to announce a new version of 0x API, the best-performing, professional grade aggregator in DeFi and to share a comprehensive analysis on aggregators performance 🧵🔥https://t.co/J61art1m9S

— 0x 🍵 (@0xProject) October 1, 2020


The analysis found that 7 out of 10 times the 0x API was able to offer better-adjusted prices than the other DEX providers. The first version of the 0x API was launched back in January of this year with the goal to make it simple for DeFi builders to tap into a river of DEX liquidity.

Since it’s inception the 0x API has processed approximately $540M in trading volume. This new rendition of the 0x API improves the adjusted prices users can achieve. 0x’s “adjusted” prices account for gas costs and utilizes smart order routing to leverage DEXs like Uniswap. Most importantly, 0x API is now as cheap or at times even cheaper than trading on Uniswap directly!

Just did my first trade on @matchaxyz and paid 0 fees and also got best price (same as @1inchExchange). WTF is this sorcery?

— Stefan Patatu (@futzco) October 2, 2020

Developers looking to tap into a new source of liquidity across various DEXs can check out the technical documentation for the 0x API here. Current integrators can find guides on the simple migration process from v0 to v1 here.

Matcha Gas Haven

The team claims to have cut down gas usage by 70%, while simulations showed that all other popular DEX aggregators are at least 2x more expensive compared to the 0x API.

Don’t believe it? Verify yourself by making a test transaction on Matcha, the native front-end for the 0x API. Matcha is the 0x team’s attempt at a “Robinhood of DEXs”, meant to be an easy to use an exchange that aggregates liquidity across all the DEXs supported by the 0x API.

Today we’re excited to share a few new features that enable our users to save even more time and money while trading on the fastest, cheapest, and most transparently priced DEX aggregator. See what’s new 👉 https://t.co/XuoOub429w pic.twitter.com/oKWpjR03Ab

— Matcha 🍵 (@matchaxyz) October 2, 2020

In the past, users enjoyed Matcha for its limit order capabilities and simple interface, but better prices were often found on other exchanges. With this new update, Matcha has become a serious competitor for every DEX aggregator out there, it’s now both easy to use and highly competitive in price execution.

If you’re interested in learning more about 0x and Matcha.xyz consider participating in their Reddit AMA next Wednesday, October 7th at 12 pm PST.

To stay up with 0x, follow them on Twitter or follow Matcha on Twitter.

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