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  • Bancor Announces DeFi DEX V2: Eliminating Impermanent Loss

    As we continue to watch the DEX ecosystem flourish, it’s no surprise that many are shipping exciting new features that benefit DeFi power users. Today we are thrilled to announce Bancor Protocol’s 2nd major version — #BancorV2.
    Full specs will be shared leading up to V2’s planned release in Q2 2020. Learn more: https://t.co/m6V4r7XYFK Thread — Bancor (@Bancor) April 29, 2020  
    This week, Bancor – a DEX known for tokenized bonding curves – announced plans to … … More

  • Gnosis Launches Gnosis Safe Apps: Multi-sig DeFi Transactions

    Gnosis – a protocol offering open finance tools for users to better interact with Ethereum has just launched an application extension on their industry-leading multi-sig wallet – Gnosis Safe. Gnosis Safe Apps are live!
    I’m extremely excited this. The team has been hard at work for months building a way for Safe users to interact with Ethereum applications. We want to help bring the next $1bn to DeFi.https://t.co/D9zuN3miih
    — eric.eth (@econoar) April 30, 2020 For those un… … More

  • Tether vs. USD, is a Dollar a Dollar when it comes to trading?

    Liquidity and Volatility ImplicationsOver the past couple of years, the crypto market has experienced a ‘love/hate’ relationship with stable coins. Though initially designed to increase market liquidity and facilitate settlements, questions are regularly raised regarding their actual safety. The pros and cons of using stablecoins are beyond the scope of this article. Instead, we decided to use market data at our disposal to analyze liquidity (in terms of trading volumes) and volatility implicati… … More

  • Making Maker: April 2020

    April was an extremely busy month for the Maker community! Governance was in high gear as stakeholders planned the shutdown of Single-Collateral Dai (Sai) and began to discuss the Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) and how Maker will look after complete decentralization; the Maker Foundation welcomed a new Board of Directors and sponsored its first Fifa 20 Championship; and Business Development and Community Leads embraced the new virtual world of events. It’s all unpacked below, but first, let… … More

  • The next money upgrade

    Level up your open finance game three times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe nowDear Crypto Natives,We often talk about the essence of money on Bankless—it’s trust guarantees.We talk less about the medium of money. But money is a product and has features.Why did paper money beat commodity metals? The convenience of storage and ease of denomination was surely a factor. Paper money was a better technology in some ways.Both fiat and commodity money can… … More

  • SNX Link Builds Synthetix-based Asset Management Platform

    With over $120M locked in Synthetix, the derivatives protocol sits as the second most valuable DeFi protocol in terms of value locked. The growth in value comes as Synthetix has constantly been building over the past year releasing new updates, supporting new assets, and iterating on protocol incentives.
    The derivatives protocol has reached the point where users have expanding opportunities on how they’d like to participate or use the platform. Today, users can gain exposure to a wide rang… … More

  • The Data Is Finally Revealing How Bad The Economic Carnage Really Is

    To investors,There were 3.8 million Americans who filed for unemployment last week. This brings the total new claims to over 30 million in the last 6 weeks. The speed and gravity of which the unemployment situation has transpired is breathtaking. The good news is that the number of first-time jobless claims continues to fall week-over-week since mid-March. The bad news is that we are becoming desensitized to the size of these numbers. There were more than 3,800,000 people who lost their job and … … More

  • The OpSec & Developer Sprint

    For those who know me, I’m pretty demanding as an engineering manager. My ethos towards software development is to stimulate intellectual curiosity, automate whatever you can and pay tech debt as you go or you never will. I’m driven by finding ways to improve the developer experience. If development is getting bogged down, if code is consistently buggy, if tooling is inadequate, if debt is piling up, if team motivation is waning – then it’s time for intervention.And yet, the smart contract space… … More

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