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  • Introducing Keyper for cell management on Nervos

    On smart contract platforms, it is common for users to have a single address they use consistently. However, the cell model of Nervos presents a different design paradigm, in which users will likely control many different cells that use different lock scripts. This design gives powerful flexibility when interfacing with the blockchain. To control cell ownership, developers can specify conditions and make use of any number of cryptographic primitives to control cell ownership. An example of this… … More

  • CryptoPunks Sales Skyrocket: Famous LE Ethereum NFTs

    CryptoPunks – Ethereum’s very first NFTs – are selling like hotcakes. Punk 6487 bought for 100 ETH ($20,857.00 USD) by 0x51787a from 0xf1ad94. #cryptopunks #ethereum
    — CryptoPunks Bot (@cryptopunksbot) May 24, 2020  
    For those who have never heard of CryptoPunks, they are 10,000 uniquely generated characters – each represented as an Ethereum-based NFT. No two are exactly alike, with each Punk containing diffe… … More

  • Recap: DeFi Week of May 25 🦄

    Hello Defiers, hope you’re having a great weekend. Summing up the past week: The Bitcoin on Ethereum trend continued growing with the launch of RenVM. ETHGlobal’s DeFi-focused hackathon wrapped up with more than 100 new projects built in one month. And speaking of Ethereum events, Devcon was postponed to 2021. Centrifuge launched with the goal to bring real world assets to Ethereum, while Polkadot’s initial phase went live. Ethereum’s network activity reached an all time … … More

  • Balancer – Start Liquidity Mining and Earn BAL Tokens Today

    Liquidity is paramount to the growth of DeFi. Many DApps require reliable pools of liquidity to function. One of the most interesting project’s innovating in the pool liquidity space is Balancer. If you haven’t heard of Balancer, now’s a great time to learn because Balancer is about to start distributing BAL tokens to liquidity providers on June 1st, 2020 at 00:00 UTC. What is Balancer? Balancer is a non-custodial generalized automatic market maker (AMM) protocol tha… … More

  • Fortmatic Wallet Rebrands to Magic: Announces $4M Seed Round

    Formatic – a rising smart wallet – has just announced a rebrand to Magic in tandem with the closing of a $4M seed round. We are thrilled to announce our rebranding to Magic (@magic_labs) and our 4m Series Seed funding!
    Time to end the era of passwords and unlock a more secure and authentic Internet Read more
    — Fortmatic (@fortmatic) May 29, 2020 With a strong focus on user onboarding and technical abstraction, the new rebrand comes with a sleek user … … More

  • DeFi Governance Tokens Heat Up: pNetwork & Curve DAO

    For those who have been keeping up with DeFi Rate, you’ve surely heard us talk ad nauseam about the growing trend of DeFi products tokenizing governance rights over major protocol roles and decisions. In the past 48 hours, we saw two more projects – pTokens and Curve – join the movement. Introducing the pNetwork and $PNT! With a commitment towards progressive #decentralization, here’s how we’re building a truly decentralized system.
    — pT… … More

  • Let’s Not Wait for Mt. Gox-Level Attacks to Build Safer Dapps, Sergey Nazarov Says

    Hello Defiers! In this week’s podcast Sergey Nazarov, the cofounder of oracle provider Chainlink, warns about the data-related dangers lurking in DeFi, and makes the case for why Chainlink can stop prevent them. We also talk about the main trends he’s seeing in the space, Chainlink’s plans for the coming months, and his vision for a more decentralized future. 🎙Listen to the podcast episode here:📝 Here’s the full transcript of the interview for paid subscri… … More

  • Haciendo Maker: Mayo del 2020

    Mayo presentó dos anuncios importantes para la comunidad Maker. Primero, el 3 de mayo, la Gobernanza Maker aceptó WBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) como un nuevo activo colateral en el Protocolo Maker. La adición de WBTC significa que los titulares de Bitcoin ahora pueden convertir su BTC en WBTC (traer Bitcoin a la blockchain Ethereum) y luego usarlo para generar Dai. Luego, el 12 de mayo, se cerró el sistema Single-Collateral Dai (SCD) de Maker. El evento marcó el final de una era para MakerDAO. Hay … … More

  • A guide to claiming SNX staking rewards cheaply

    If you’re staking SNX, you’ve probably noticed that gas prices have been extremely high recently. We’ve written this article to explain how gas works, why prices can be higher for Synthetix transactions compared to other protocols, and the details for a strategy known as “The Clinton Method” for claiming SNX staking rewards as cheaply as possible.  How gas worksGas on Ethereum accounts for two separate components: computation and demand. To pay gas for a transaction, you essentially need to pay … … More

  • Rocket Pool Shares 2.5 Upgrade – Tokenized rETH Staking for ETH2

    Rocket Pool – a rising staking provider for ETH2 – has just released a new ecosystem framework that introduces rETH – an interest-earning version of staked ETH. We’re very happy to announce Rocket Pool 2.5 – Tokenised Staking Deposits, Continuous Staking, Extra Deposit Safety and updated RPL tokenomics. Many big improvements to decentralised staking in ETH2 coming soon. #ETH #staking
    — Rocket Pool (@Rocket_Pool) May 29, 2020 The 2.5 pla… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – May 29th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Bang bang. Another awesome week in DeFi in the books!
    One of the most notable announcements this week was the launch of the RenVM on Ethereum mainnet. For those unfamiliar, the RenVM allows users seamlessly mint BTC, BCH, and ZEC on Ethereum. The most important part? It’s trustless (or trust-minimized).
    Ren Protocol provides a novel solution as you’re not relying on a centralized institution to hold your assets cross-chain (like WBTC and BitGo) but instead a pi… … More

  • mStable Launches mUSD Stablecoin Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet

    mStable – a new DeFi protocol unifying stablecoins, lending, and liquidity into one robust standard – officially launched its beta on Ethereum mainnet. 1/ Today, I’m excited to announce that @mstable_ has gone live on the #Ethereum mainnet (in beta) mStable is a protocol that unites stablecoins, lending and swapping into one robust standard.
    Let’s explore what you can do with mStable today
    — Anthony Sassano | sassal.eth (@sassal0x) May 29, 2020… … More

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