May 2, 2020

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  • FutureSwap Closes Alpha Early Thanks to Rapid Growth

    FutureSwap – a permissionless DEX offering 20x leverage – has ended it’s Alpha early after experiencing exponential growth in its first 3 days of going live. Futureswap update
    — Futureswap Exchange (@futureswapx) April 24, 2020 As one of the more talked about projects in leading DeFi circles, FutureSwap was able to aggregate roughly $1.5M in liquidity alongside roughly $17M in trading volume in the 72 hours it was available to the public. To g… … More

  • MakerDAO Adds Support for wBTC + 0% Stability Fee for USDC

    MakerDAO – the lending protocol behind the popular DeFi stablecoin, Dai – is hosting an executive poll to add wBTC as a collateral type, lower the USDC stability fee to 0%, and introduce a suite of Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) to further distribute governance. The Maker Foundation Interim Governance Facilitator has placed an Executive Vote proposal into the voting system to:
    Add WBTC as a Collateral TypeLower the USDC Stability Fee from 6% to 0%Officially ratify the initial 13… … More

  • Everything You Need to Know About Ethereum 2.0

    Explore our new Ethereum 2.0 Knowledge Base for all the FAQs, explainers, roadmaps, and products you need to gear up for Eth2.“Get involved. Get educated. This is an early opportunity to have a stake in the decentralized future. “ — Joe LubinWhat’s InsideFAQs about Eth1 vs. Eth2, shards, staking, validators, and moreEthereum 2.0 phases and roadmapA short history of EthereumA Beacon Chain explainerEth2 CalculatorA curated list of the best technical and non-technical Eth2 resourcesProducts and pla… … More

  • Dragonfly Capital Launches Increasing Oracle Transparency

    On April 28, Tom Schmidt and Ashwin from Dragonfly Capital announced the release of 1/ Today, @ashwinrz and I are excited to launch, the only site you need to get the best, most up-to-date data on oracles on Ethereum. (via @dragonfly_cap)
    — Tom Schmidt (@tomhschmidt) April 28, 2020 is a site where anyone can access up-to-date Ethereum oracle data. It provides transparency into the state of oracles for platforms including Maker, Chainlink… … More