May 4, 2020

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  • Maker’s Quest to Defend the Peg

    ICYMI: Check out Friday’s edition of Govern This, which dives into Synthetix’s effort to rebalance its debt portfolio, UMA’s token holders’ voting responsibilities and MakerDAO’s busy week of governance. Read and subscribe here.By any means necessaryCentral banks enter a crisis with a limited set of tools at their disposal, but as it persists, they are forced to improvise to provide more support. Prior to 2008, the Fed’s primary monetary policy lever was the Fed fun… … More

  • Introducing the SAFG – An Emerging Governance Framework in DeFi

    First came the SAFE. Then came the SAFTE. Now comes the SAFG. 1/ Meet the SAFG: #DeFi’s Emergent Framework for Participatory Investing and Protocol Development
    Recent @futureswapx and @compoundfinance events point to a tectonic shift in the nature of crypto investing characterized by a new framework. — gavin (@GavinMcDermott) April 30, 2020 It goes without saying that there’s been a constant evolution in token distribution frameworks. Last week, IDEO CoLab … … More

  • Free staking on Ethereum 2.0 and Secret Shared Validators

    Did you know that one of the largest exchanges already provides free staking? Here’s three secrets you should know about Ethereum 2.0 staking and what to do about them. You’ll want to know about free staking, but more important is doing it with Secret Shared Validators to help maintain network security. But first, by reporting some facts it can be perceived that there’s businesses the author biases.  In truth, there’s little bias and don’t shoot the m… … More

  • EthHub Weekly #112

    Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)🎙️ Ethereal Week!The Ethereal Virtual summit is happening this week on May 7th and 8th! Eric and I will be participating as part of the ETH is Money panel at 5:55PM EDT on May 7th alongside Ryan Sean Adams, David Hoffman and Camila Russo as moderator. We’ll also be doing a live podcast with ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin at 7:15PM EDT on Friday May 8th. Go here to check out the full agenda and to register.Ano… … More

  • How companies will work post COVID19: embracing a remote-first culture.

    Companies are thinking about how and when to have employees come back to work. Due to social distancing requirements, many are realizing that they will only be able to have up to 50% of employees return to offices at most.At the same time, many companies are realizing that remote work has worked better than they expected. They are now asking themselves whether they should keep some portion of their work force remote indefinitely.For most companies, it will be a mix of remote and in-office. Here’… … More

  • Cheapest BTC-Backed Dai Loans Now on MakerDAO With WBTC Addition

    Hello Defiers! Here’s what’s going on:MakerDAO adds WBTC as collateralDeFi10 portfolio updateDeFiZap/DeFiSnap merger to create Zapper🎙Last Week’s Podcast: Emin Gun Sirer on AVA competing with ETH Subscribe now🙌 Together with Eidoo, a cryptocurrency-powered debit card and platform for easy access to decentralized finance.MakerDAO Adds WBTC As Collateral for DaiMakerDAO on Sunday started accepting WBTC as collateral against Dai loans as it seeks to increase l… … More

  • #10 – Going Bankless with Uniswap | Caleb Sheridan

    Level up your open finance game 5 times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe now🎙️NEW PODCAST EPISODEListen to episode 10 | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube | RSS FeedEpisode: #10May 4, 2020Uniswap isn’t a bank, isn’t a company, isn’t a website. It’s a liquidity robot, an unstoppable trading layer for the bankless money system, the first of its kind. Ryan & David talk with Caleb Sheridan about using Uniswap for t… … More

  • Initial $KERMAN Offering: DeFi-Driven Personal Token Sale on Roll

    As we step into another exciting week in crypto, the emerging trend of personal token sales continues to heat up.
    Earlier today, a prominent member of the DeFi community Kerman Kohli announced an Initial $KERMAN Offering – raising $30k on the back of personal tokens issued on Roll. Introducing the Initial $KERMAN Offering!
    What is $KERMAN? At a high level it offers the following:
    – Token Burns– Governance– Access The initial raise is for 1.5M tokens and a total of $30,0… … More

  • Governance Polls: Adjustments to Dai Stability Fee, USDC Stability Fee, and WBTC Stability Fee

    The Maker Foundation Interim Risk Team has placed a series of Governance Polls into the voting system which presents adjustments to the Dai Stability Fee, USDC Stability Fee, and WBTC Stability Fee. Poll: Dai Stability Fee Adjustment The Maker Foundation Interim Risk Team has placed a Governance Poll into the voting system which presents a number of possible Dai Stability Fee options. Voters are now able to signal their support for a Dai Stability Fee&nb… … More

  • Is Warren Buffett Bullish Or Bearish On The US Economy?

    To investors,The annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting was streamed live on Saturday afternoon. Warren Buffett, one of the world’s greatest investors, spent more than four hours talking about the economy, financial markets, and his investments. These annual question and answer sessions have quickly become the Super Bowl for investors everywhere.This year di… Read more … … More

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