May 13, 2020

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  • New York Blockchain Week Goes Global on Gitcoin

    Heyo Gitcoiners! May was planned out to be the season of lively and crowded conferences for everybody in the blockchain space. Consensus Distributed and Ethereal Summit were 2 of the main events scheduled to make New York vibrate, during New York Blockchain Week’s 6th annual edition.
    The post New York Blockchain Week Goes Global on Gitcoin appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • Around the Block #6: Bitcoin’s dominance alongside Coinbase customer behavior, the coming DEX…

    Around the Block #6: Bitcoin’s dominance alongside Coinbase customer behavior, the coming DEX revolution, and other recent crypto newsCoinbase Around the Block, sheds light on key issues in the crypto space. In this edition, Justin Mart analyzes Bitcoin’s continued dominance alongside Coinbase customer behavior, the coming DEX Revolution, as well as other notable news in the space.Bitcoin’s dominance and Coinbase customer behaviorBitcoin’s market cap dominance relative to other cryptocurrencies … … More

  • How to value crypto capital assets

    Level up your open finance game three times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe nowDear Crypto Natives,If there’s a better analysis on DeFi protocols I haven’t seen it.Lucas brings the 🔥 today.Don’t buy LEND, KNC, SNX, MKR, ZRX—none of it—before understanding this post.I’m serious. If you’re making DeFi bets—the banks bets—then you need to understand how to value DeFi tokens on fundementals not pumpamen… … More

  • Introducing RabbitHole: Your DeFi XP Score

    In a sector as deep and vibrant as DeFi, every power user can probably rattle off at least 5 different products they’ve used in the past 30 days. Now, what if those interactions were tracked via a global leaderboard, granting you points for accomplishing tasks within leading DeFi protocols?
    Today, this notion becomes a reality with the launch of RabbitHole – a platform to earn rewards by using decentralized applications. Excited to announce a project that I’ve been working onhtt… … More

  • Shake Off Your Fear of Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency can be difficult to understand. Industry jargon can be confusing, the fine points of blockchain and distributed ledger technology can overwhelm new users, and white papers describing the various layers of protocols and smart contracts are often extremely complex. Moreover, that complexity and the anxiety it spurs can breed misinformation, which can cause fear of cryptocurrency.  The good news, though, is that concerns dissipate when people realize that crypto offers financial … … More

  • BTC Perpetual Contract Market is Live

    After several weeks of running in Alpha, dYdX is excited to announce the BTC-USDC Perpetual Contract Market is now open to the public. Start trading now!* To celebrate the launch, we are providing 50% off trading fees on the perpetual for the next 7 days.* Perpetual Markets on dYdX are not available in the United States.AlphaWe launched our Alpha on April 20th with three goals in mind: platform stability, user onboarding for testing and feedback and liquidity growth. With the help of over fifty … … More

  • Ethereum-ized Bitcoin Surges After MakerDAO Includes it in Collateral Family

    Hello Defiers, here’s what’s going on in DeFi,WBTC is surging after MakerDAO included the token as Dai collateralMakerDAO’s Sai stablecoin was shutdown as purists call for crypto-only competitorChainlink launches verifiable randomness systemand more :)🙌 Together with Eidoo, a cryptocurrency-powered debit card and platform for easy access to decentralized finance.WBTC Surges into DeFi as Traders Snap Up Cheap LoansBy Lucas CampbellFreshly minted WBTC is surging into… … More

  • Quantitative Easing Is The Ultimate Drug And America Is Addicted To Getting High

    This installment of The Pomp Letter is free for everyone. I send this email to our investors daily. If you would also like to receive it every morning, join the 50,000 other investors today.Subscribe nowTo investors,The current economic climate continues to get worse as millions of people are filing for unemployment each week and GDP falls further. The US government understands that the situation is dire, so they have done their best to inject liquidity into the economy. This has included v… … More

  • Aave & MYKEY: a decentralized, non-custodial money market protocol meets a multiple-chain smart…

    Aave & MYKEY: a decentralized, non-custodial money market protocol meets a multiple-chain smart wallet*This post can also be read in Chinese on the MYKEY blog hereDecentralized Finance, or DeFi for short, is getting bigger and more popular with new projects emerging all the time pushing more adoption. One of the most exciting aspects of DeFi is that it allows people to earn passive income by depositing their crypto assets into liquidity pools. While these assets are loaned out to borrowers, … … More