May 23, 2020

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  • The Ether collateral trial is now complete!

    The three-month Ether collateral trial is now complete! This trial was intended to test demand for ETH as an onramp into Synthetix.Exchange, allowing traders to borrow sETH against their ETH at a collateralisation ratio of 150%. One month into the trial there was a bug disclosure that, while it didn’t threaten funds, was still sufficient reason to pause the creation of new loans. This post will outline withdrawal details as well as the next step, which will be launching another trial. Closing yo… … More

  • How Latin American Citizens Are Using Ethereum to Coordinate COVID-19 Deconfinement

    LACChain’s “citizen-to-citizen” platform is using Hyperledger Besu to help users securely share data and create an interactive coronavirus tracking map.In an effort to crowdsource information about the movement of COVID-19, a region-wide Ethereum project launched last week that is poised to become a powerful blockchain onramp for millions of users in Latin America and the Caribbean. Last Tuesday, the LACChain alliance, an initiative of IDB Lab, released DAVID19, a platform built on Hyperledger B… … More

  • Smart Contract Security Newsletter #38

    (This newsletter was sent out on May 21st, Sign up to receive them on the first day)ConsenSys Diligence VSCode guru, Martin Ortner, has some interesting updates on his VSCode extensions:Updated Solidity Metrics: Generate Solidity Source Code Metrics, Complexity and Risk profile reports for your project.Dabble in good old InfoSec tools by Decompiler extension, which enables users to decompile Binary files, Java Jar, and Android APK right from VSCode.MythX also recently shipped some major upgrades… … More