May 25, 2020

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  • DeFiDollar Demo: HackMoney Interest-Earning Stablecoin Index

    Following up on our coverage of ETHGlobal’s HackMoney Virtual DeFi Hackathon submissions comes an exciting new project called DeFiDollar – an index of stablecoins set to mitigate peg slippage through a suite on innovative DeFi products. Introducing our @ETHGlobal #hackmoney buidl – DefiDollar. An index of stable coins that uses Defi primitives to stay near the dollar mark and subsidize the collateralization ratio. Let us know your thoughts!
    — Arpi… … More

  • The New Breed of DeFi Products

    Retail savings accounts were the smart money’s bet as to what could lead to a 10x growth in DeFi activity. Of course, that prophecy has failed to come true. Building mass market products is hard and expensive, and DeFi interest rates have returned to earth and are only marginally higher than the traditional world. “New” users to DeFi have not come yet.Instead, the most promising DeFi strategies in 2020 are targeting large, existing crypto traders and investors. The past week ha… … More

  • Debuts Pool Pipes for DeFi Liquidity Management at HackMoney

    Zapper – a community-leading DeFi asset management platform – has just debuted a new feature called Pool Pipes as their submission for the ETHGlobal HackMoney DeFi Virtual Hackathon. Today we’re excited to introduce our submission for @ETHGlobal hackathon: Pool Pipes!Pool pipes seamlessly re-balance liquidity between pools to save time & help reduce liquidity fragmentation in DeFi: does it work? Let’s explore some use cases:… … More

  • We Need More Software Engineering And Less Financial Engineering

    This installment of The Pomp Letter is free for everyone. I send this email to our investors daily. If you would also like to receive it every morning, join the 50,000 other investors today.Subscribe nowTo investors,Napoleon Hill wrote one of the best personal finance books in history called Think and Grow Rich. In it, he said “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.” These thoughts are driven by an … … More

  • What Are the Risks of Central Banks NOT Implementing a Retail CBDC?

    Why the risk of inaction is greater than the risk of innovation for the world’s largest financial institutions.By Monica Singer, South Africa Lead at ConsenSysSeveral recent papers written by central banks and others like the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) state clearly that they fear the effect on commercial banks if they implement a retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). However, CBDC is a relatively risk-free alternative compared to the fragile global financial system we have to… … More

  • Executive Vote: Officially Ratify the MIP0c12-SP2 Subproposal for Onboarding a Second Governance Facilitator

    The Maker Foundation Interim Governance Facilitator has placed an Executive Vote into the voting system, which will enable the community to approve the following alterations to the protocol: Core Personnel Onboarding – Add @LongForWisdom as an official Governance Facilitator This Executive Vote has an expiration of 4 days, after which it has no effect. MIPs and subproposals only move to the “Accepted” status if the executive vote they are included in passes within the 4-day limit. If the … … More

  • Governance Polls: Add Collateral Types, Community Greenlights, and more

    The Maker Foundation Interim Risk Team has placed a series of Governance Polls into the voting system which presents additions of USDC-B and TUSD as collateral types, community greenlights, and more. Poll: Add USDC-B as a Collateral Type The Maker Foundation Interim Risk Team has placed a Governance Poll into the voting system through which the community can signal their support to add USDC-B as a collateral type. The proposed initial Risk Parameters for USDC-B are:… … More

  • Gitcoin Announces KERNEL Fellowship: Web3 Product Incubator

    Gitcoin – the open-source bounties platform we’ve covered extensively through the Gitcoin Grants program – has just announced a new fellowship track called KERNEL. Announcing KERNEL KERNEL is an 8-week program for technologists looking to build relationships, products, and companies in Web 3. From the crypto-curious designer to the crypto veteran, we can’t wait to welcome you all. APPLICATIONS OPEN NOW
    — Gitcoin (@gitcoin) May 21, 2020 Ta… … More

  • EthHub Weekly #115

    Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)[SPONSORED] Matic Network, the leading Ethereum Layer 2 platform, is transitioning to the public mainnet!Matic Network is a scaling solution that aims to provide a generalized Layer 2 platform which offers various approaches to Ethereum developers to scale their DApps for large-scale usage. For the initial phase, Matic has launched its hybrid PoS + Plasma sidechains on top of Ethereum which is already gaining huge traction – making… … More

  • 13 – DeFi’s Mainstream Wallet | Itamar Lesuisse

    Level up your open finance game 5 times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe now🎙️NEW PODCAST EPISODEListen to episode 13 | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube | RSS FeedEpisode: #13May 25, 2020Argent is the closet thing we’ve seen to a mainstream ready bankless wallet. Is this crypto’s Netscape moment?Ryan & David sit down with Itamar the co-founder of Argent to find out. Coming off a big week of releases, Itamar t… … More

  • 🚰Defragmenting liquidity with Pool Pipes.

    We’ve spent the last few months refining liquidity provisioning experiences across DeFi. Uniswap V1 has been our main focus and we are happy to see improved UX attract more new users into Uniswap, and ultimately into DeFi. The concept of adding/removing assets to/from liquidity pools with a single asset became known as Zapping in/out within the community. Note: since all Zap inputs are first allocated into appropriate assets required for pools, each Zap transaction not only adds liqui… … More

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