May 26, 2020

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  • What you need to know before staking SNX for the first time

    Staking SNX allows anyone to earn rewards by contributing collateral to the Synthetix protocol. However, there are some important things you should know before you make the decision to contribute in this way. Staking requires weekly action  You receive two kinds of rewards for staking SNX: sUSD fees generated on Synthetix.Exchange, and SNX inflationary rewards. These rewards must be manually claimed in the one transaction each fee period (i.e. once a week) or they will be returned to the pool an… … More

  • UMA: Synthetic Assets Unleashed

    In an industry driven by the creation of new financial primitives, protocols like UMA have paved a strong foundation for anyone to create a synthetic asset in a permissionless fashion.UMA – short for Universal Market Asset – provides a suite of tools for users to create derivatives based on an underlying reference index of their choosing. Here’s a quick… Read more … … More

  • How to Compete with Ethereum

    It’s no secret that I’m a massive Ethereum fan, however I’m also not a maximalist by any means. This leaves me in an interesting position where I comment about Ethereum accurately without being blind sided by it. I’m a firm believer in innovation and that the world isn’t dominated by one chain, but many with their own unique characteristics, use cases a… Read more … … More

  • Dharma Layer 2 Update – Introducing Tiramisu

    Two months ago, we announced our intention to build our own Layer Two scalability system for supporting peer-to-peer payments. Today, we’re excited to open-source Tiramisu, our implementation of the concept. Tiramisu consists of a suite of Solidity smart contracts and an accompanying node, written in TypeScript and exposing a GraphQL interface. It tracks the state of all accounts in the system and enforces each state transition via its state machine to ensure that all updates are consistent…. … More

  • AMA Recap: Trader Spotlight feat. CryptoCat

    On April 23 2020, we hosted our first live AMA Spotlight with CryptoCat, prop trader and market maker who accounts for more than 2% of DEX trading volume and one of dYdX’s most active traders. In these AMA spotlights, our goal is to bring you the best insights and commentary from professional crypto traders, market makers, leading industry experts, and more! Below is a recap of the AMA with CryptoCat:Q: To get started, we’d love to hear a quick background about you and how you got started with t… … More

  • How to use Gnosis to profit on stablecoins

    Level up your open finance game three times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe nowDear Crypto Natives,Another money protocol was born last month. A liquidity protocol called Gnosis. Three reasons it’s worth learning about: It’s on the trustless end of the spectrum—high density—like a UniswapIt takes a new approach to liquidity—not AMM, not orderbook—batch auction!You can do cool stuff with it todayWe’re going to focus on … … More

  • The Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain Explained

    Everything you need to know about shards, staking validators, attestations, committees, checkpoints, and finality.Remember the joy you felt when you started getting aha moments about blockchains? Are you eager for a similar understanding of the Beacon Chain? Ethereum’s Beacon Chain is the heart of a system where most content is too technical, niche, or not deep enough.Here, you’ll gain a gratifying understanding of the Beacon Chain’s elements and mechanics. Examples will explain key details at t… … More

  • 0x V3 Upgrade Drives New Growth: 0x Protocol 2020 Research Report

    Ethereum’s liquidity protocols continue to grow in volume. The past 18 months for prominent DeFi DEXs like Uniswap, Kyber, and others have been filled with upward trends across volumes, fees, and more. 
    One of the emerging projects in this sector is 0x. While the liquidity protocol has always been recognized as a backbone to the Ethereum ecosystem, fundamental metrics are beginning to live up to its reputation. In April 2020, 0x put up solid numbers competing with other major DEXs as the liquidi… … More

  • Evanston Capital Management x Token Terminal: Interview with Marcos Veremis

    We sat down with Marcos Veremis, managing director at Evanston Capital Management. Marcos previously spent 13 years with Cambridge Associates, where he focused on alternative investments, including research and implementation of uncorrelated liquid and illiquid strategies. Before joining Evanston, Marcos led Cambridge’s research into the emerging space of blockchain technology and crypto assets.Evanston Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm focused on providing multi-ma… … More

  • I feel like this post is addressing an argument that isn’t the actual argument that MEV auction…

    I feel like this post is addressing an argument that isn’t the actual argument that MEV auction proponents (including myself) are making! In particular:> But the funds “created” by an MEV auction don’t come from nowhere. Ultimately the money comes out of the pockets of users. Here’s why. Miner-extractable value currently goes to the miners. There is some amount of value that we need to pay to the miners to keep enough of them mining … one way or another, users of the system are paying those f… … More

  • Singapore Announces Their 4th Stimulus Package But They Are Funding These Differently Than Most

    To investors,Singapore is widely considered to be one of the most financially prudent nations globally. They have not been immune to the economic impact of COVID-19 though. In the last few days, Singapore has slashed their GDP projections for the third time this year. They are now anticipating GDP to contract between 4-7% for 2020. The new forecast is i… Read more … … More

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