May 27, 2020

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  • Movers and Shakers: DegenSpartan

    Hey all, today’s guest is DegenSpartan – an anonymous profile that posts some of the most insightful points about the state of the market and protocols.I sent him some questions I wanted to get his opinions on, below is the answers to those. This is a nice light read that has nuggets of wisdom for those who identify as retail traders/investors.You can follow him on Twitter over here:찌 G 跻 じ ⚡️ 🔑 @DegenSpartananyone else c… … More

  • How DAI gets to $300B

    Level up your open finance game three times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe nowDear Crypto Natives,How does DAI get to $300B?There’s a lot loaded in that question. Every $1 in DAI must be backed by more than $1 in assets. But should DAI remain mostly backed by trustless assets? Away from the grasp of third-parties and settled on Ethereum—maybe that’s the point of crypto.Or should DAI open the door to trusted assets? Increasing resilience with… … More

  • RenVM Mainnet Launch: DeFi Interoperability via Ren Bridge & Darknodes

    With all the recent talk of Bitcoin coming to DeFi, we’re excited to share that Ren Protocol has just launched its interoperable RenVM on mainnet. RenVM Mainnet is Live. Welcome to the new cross-chain era for DeFi! #RenVM
    — Ren (@renprotocol) May 27, 2020 The highly anticipated launch brings a novel, trustless solution for users to mint Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and ZCash as ERC20 tokens – allowing them to be used in the ever-growing DeFi landscape.
    “… … More

  • Expanding Compound Governance

    To create unstoppable, upgradable financial infrastructure, Governance replaced our team as administrator of the Compound protocol; COMP token-holders and their delegates debate, propose, and vote on all changes to Compound.The stakes are high — the protocol holds more than $100 million of assets, and dozens of applications rely on Compound markets. Which is why, for the past two months, COMP has been tested in the open, with a limited group of stakeholders.During that time, the community proved… … More

  • It’s not about the tech (yet?)

    This is a price chart for one of the top-25 cryptocurrencies, from Jun 2019 to May 2020: And here is another coin: One of them is Iota, which had a technical problem that resulted in no transactions confirming from February 12 until March 10. The other is Zcash, which had no technical problems. I can’t tell which is which from looking at how the markets reacted, can you? That… I just… whaaa???? I like to think that technology matters, and better tech tends to win in the long run. I still… … More

  • ConsenSys Acquires Fluidity – Primary Developer Team Behind AirSwap

    ConsenSys – the Brooklyn-based Ethereum venture studio – acquired Fluidity, the team behind the Airswap DEX, and multiple asset tokenization technologies for the DeFi ecosystem.
    AirSwap was initially founded as a joint venture between ConsenSys and Fluidity back in 2017. The acquisition comes three years later after Fluidity completed its initial AirSwap roadmap as well as having built a range of money legos on Ethereum.
    The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. However, the t… … More

  • Mixing bad; pooling good.

    Why am I excited about the potential of when I haven’t been excited about other privacy-preserving thingamabobs? I’ve never liked ‘mixers’ like CoinJoin or CashShuffle, because they don’t match the way I want to use my ‘spending’ money. I want to receive some money, store it someplace safe, and have it available to spend whenever I decide to spend it. I could use a fancy mixing wallet that mixes coins in the background automagically, but I’d have to remember to run it so it can fi… … More

  • Nexus Mutual Set to Scale into ‘Super Efficient Lloyds of London’

    Nexus Mutual – the DeFi discretionary mutual known for its alternative insurance products – released details for the wider vision of the mutual and how it can scale into a “super-efficient Lloyds of London” in less than 12 months. How we turn @NexusMutual into a super efficient Lloyds of London
    — Hugh Karp (@HughKarp) May 27, 2020 In the long-term, the mutual’s goal is to provide hardened infrastructur… … More

  • Making ‘money moves’ on Coinbase

    You can now top up your balance as you are sending cryptoBy Paul Katsen, Product ManagerToday we’re announcing three improvements to help customers send crypto more easily, confidently, and efficiently.Easily top up your balance as you sendIf you don’t have enough crypto to complete a send, you can now top up your balance right away to buy and send in one fell swoop.With this feature, we’ll make sure you use an instant payment method that allows you to send your newly purchased funds instantly. … … More

  • Thoughts on DeFi Security

    A deep dive into the Uniswap and incidents and what they mean for Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.The Question of Security in DeFi Applications2020 has proven a critical year for the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem. In addition to celebrating over $1B USD locked in DeFi and significant platform milestones, the industry has been subject to frequent occurrences of minor and major security incidents across both new and established DeFi applications. The bZx and Maker events of February and March have be… … More

  • The Dai Backstop Syndicate: Decentralization at Work

    The Maker Protocol is the foundation of MakerDAO’s decentralized Dai stablecoin, Vaults, Oracles, and Governance, and the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. While the dependable blockchain technology and smart contracts that underpin the Protocol are critical to the Maker community and the DeFi movement, so, too are the passionate humans with a stake in both. And never has that been more apparent and important than in the wake of recent market events.  On March 12, a dramatic drop in th… … More

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