May 28, 2020

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  • Compound Shares COMP Governance Token Details & Distribution Model

    Compound – a sector-leading lending protocol – released details earlier surrounding the distribution of COMP, the protocol’s native governance token. Governance is ready to scale to the entire Compound ecosystem.
    All users and applications built on Compound will continuously, and automatically receive $COMP to shape the future of the protocol.
    Learn how it will work:
    — Compound (@compoundfinance) May 28, 2020 With Compound infrastructure holding o… … More

  • Aave Integrates Uniswap Liquidity Tokens as Lending Collateral

    Aave – the sector rising lending protocol – just unveiled a Uniswap Money Market, allowing users to borrow against Uniswap LP tokens. What do you get when you cross a unicorn with a ghost? The new Aave money market: The Uniswap Market! Check out our latest blog post by @JordanLzG to learn all about the first of many markets to come @UniswapProtocol
    — Aave (@AaveAave) May 28, 2020 As we alluded to in our Aave governance article, the introduction of th… … More

  • Can fancy new cryptography scale DeFi?

    Level up your open finance game three times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe nowDear Crypto Natives,Do any of us fully appreciate the gift we’ve been given…the gift of cryptography?Cryptography levels the playing field.The most powerful nation-state on earth can’t hack your private-key. Cryptography means asymmetric advantage to the defender. Power to the little guy. With this technology the small are equal to the big. A level playing field.Cr… … More

  • Infographic: Benefits of Blockchain in the Financial Services Industry

    From tokenization to consortium networks, here’s an overview of how blockchain technology is improving operational efficiency and reducing risk in financial services.Over the past few years, blockchain technology has been adopted by an increasing number of major financial institutions seeking to streamline business processes, launch trusted business networks, and create and manage digital assets. Here’s an overview of current pain points and inefficiencies in the financial services industry and … … More

  • Coinbase launches staking rewards for customers in the UK, France, Spain and The Netherlands

    By Rhea Kaw, Product ManagerAt Coinbase, we’re focused on offering more ways for customers to earn rewards by holding crypto. Following our recent launch of Tezos staking rewards for our US customers, we’re now rolling out this feature for Coinbase users in the UK and certain EU member countries*. Coinbase will stake Tezos on behalf of customers and distribute rewards directly to customer accounts. Since the US launch of staking rewards, customers have earned over $2 million in Tezos staking rew… … More

  • Aragon Drama Pushes On-Chain Governance Idealists to the Meatspace

    Hello Defiers, please disregard previous email as it had an incorrect video for the renBTC tutorial embeded. Its’s been corrected here. Here’s what’s happening in decentralized finance,Aragon governance drama splits Ethereum communityCelebrating Bitcoin Pizza Day with renBTCDevcon 6 postponed and to be held in BogotaPolkadot launches network’s first phaseFoundation is latest to join red-hot tokenized asset spaceand more!The open economy is taking over the old one. Subscri… … More

  • China And The United States Have Locked Horns

    To investors,The United States and China are locked into a multi-dimensional showdown that appears to be only beginning. There are disagreements over technology, surveillance, economic policies, and now the coronavirus. Each conflict appears to be unrelated at first glance, but over time it has become obvious that the conflict between these two superpow… Read more … … More

  • Devcon: Hacia Colombia en 2021

    Queridos Amigos, In our most recent update, we outlined what Devcon is all about and spoke to our renewed focus on growing the Ethereum ecosystem. Part of that focus is on making sure that, for all types of attendees, the next Devcon is all that we dream for it to… … More