May 30, 2020

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  • Fortmatic Wallet Rebrands to Magic: Announces $4M Seed Round

    Formatic – a rising smart wallet – has just announced a rebrand to Magic in tandem with the closing of a $4M seed round. We are thrilled to announce our rebranding to Magic (@magic_labs) and our 4m Series Seed funding!
    Time to end the era of passwords and unlock a more secure and authentic Internet Read more
    — Fortmatic (@fortmatic) May 29, 2020 With a strong focus on user onboarding and technical abstraction, the new rebrand comes with a sleek user … … More

  • DeFi Governance Tokens Heat Up: pNetwork & Curve DAO

    For those who have been keeping up with DeFi Rate, you’ve surely heard us talk ad nauseam about the growing trend of DeFi products tokenizing governance rights over major protocol roles and decisions. In the past 48 hours, we saw two more projects – pTokens and Curve – join the movement. Introducing the pNetwork and $PNT! With a commitment towards progressive #decentralization, here’s how we’re building a truly decentralized system.
    — pT… … More

  • Let’s Not Wait for Mt. Gox-Level Attacks to Build Safer Dapps, Sergey Nazarov Says

    Hello Defiers! In this week’s podcast Sergey Nazarov, the cofounder of oracle provider Chainlink, warns about the data-related dangers lurking in DeFi, and makes the case for why Chainlink can stop prevent them. We also talk about the main trends he’s seeing in the space, Chainlink’s plans for the coming months, and his vision for a more decentralized future. 🎙Listen to the podcast episode here:📝 Here’s the full transcript of the interview for paid subscri… … More

  • Haciendo Maker: Mayo del 2020

    Mayo presentó dos anuncios importantes para la comunidad Maker. Primero, el 3 de mayo, la Gobernanza Maker aceptó WBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) como un nuevo activo colateral en el Protocolo Maker. La adición de WBTC significa que los titulares de Bitcoin ahora pueden convertir su BTC en WBTC (traer Bitcoin a la blockchain Ethereum) y luego usarlo para generar Dai. Luego, el 12 de mayo, se cerró el sistema Single-Collateral Dai (SCD) de Maker. El evento marcó el final de una era para MakerDAO. Hay … … More