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  • Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #104

    This week’s newsletter summarizes a discussion about mining incentives
    related to HTLCs and links to an announcement about a proposed service to
    store and relay presigned transactions. Also included are our regular
    sections with recently transcribed talks and conversations, new releases
    and release candidates, and notable changes to popular Bitcoin
    infrastructure projects. Action items None this week. News ● Discussion of HTLC mining incentives: Itay Tsabary, Matan
    Yechieli, Ittay E… … More

  • Making Maker: June 2020

    In June, MKR holders accepted four new assets into the Maker Protocol: KNC (Kyber Network), ZRX (0x), TUSD (TrueUSD), and USDC-B (Circle’s USDC token with different risk parameters), bringing the total number of collateral types that can be used to generate Dai to eight. The Maker voting community continues to work together to bring financial stability and transparency to the world economy. There’s much more to recap, but first, let’s look at the numbers from daistats.com as of June 30, 2020… … More

  • How to make money selling ETH options

    How cool would it be to have Bankless in video format? That’s where I want to go next. But I need your help! If you want the Bankless program in video give 1 DAI & let’s make it happen!Give $1 to get Bankless to videoDear Bankless Nation,If we’re right about ETH you won’t have to sell ETH for money.ETH will become money. a.image2.image-link.image2-824-1142 { padding-bottom: 72.15411558669001%; padding-bottom: min(72.154115586690… … More

  • Katalyst Approaches: KNC Surges Ahead of KyberDAO Launch Date

    Kyber’s long-awaited Katalyst tokenomic upgrade finally has a release date.This time next week, Kyber will implement a suite of protocol changes set to fundamentally rework the way KNC fuels the third-largest DEX by trading volume.Kyber Network @KyberNetworkWe are thrilled to announce that Katalyst and @KyberDAO will go live on the 7th of July, 7am GMT! This will usher in an exciting new era for Kyber, with technical improvements that will help enhance liquidity for #DeFi !
    blog.kyber.netw… … More

  • DeFi Data Startup The Graph Raises $5M in GRAPH Token Sale

    The Graph – an indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data – announced it closed a $5M token sale from Framework Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and others. Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $5M and we have the funding we need to build and launch the decentralized network! https://t.co/RyDCRSIPcc
    — The Graph (@graphprotocol) June 30, 2020 Since launching in January 2019, the data indexing protocol has grown to support many leading De… … More

  • 0x Protocol Launches Matcha DEX

    0x Protocol – a leading DEX liquidity aggregator – has officially launched Matcha – their consumer-facing exchange built with 0x Mesh. 1/ Matcha is now served and open to all! Everyone around the world can now quickly and securely trade crypto at https://t.co/hZioVvcNso Learn more at https://t.co/lNOAHTh24V pic.twitter.com/T6CmlfAXIE
    — Matcha (@matchaxyz) June 30, 2020 Despite serving as a crucial backbone for DEX liquidity for over 3 years, 0x Protocol has largely o… … More

  • Curve Releases Blueprint for CurveDAO and CRV Governance Token

    Curve – a leading liquidity aggregator – has just released the first iteration of their framework for their upcoming governance token – CRV. 6 months later. Here you are guys! Technical implementation of $CRV & #CurveDAO from @CurveFinance. Going live when audit is done
    DAO based on @AragonProjectTime-weighted voting+boostinflation: √2/ yearLiquidity gauges for LP, insurance etchttps://t.co/SFSDpJuJ8D pic.twitter.com/AMD0p6jx9r
    — Julien Bouteloup (@bneiluj) June 30, … … More

  • bZx Weighs Adding Yield Mining Incentives for Native Token

    Hello Defiers! Here’s what’s going on in decentralized finance,bZx about to jump on the yield farming bandwagonKyber announces KNC makeover launch dateThe Graph raises $5MSynthetix launches binary optionsand more :)🎙Listen to this week’s podcast episode with Ampleforth Co-founder: a.image2.image-link.image2-167-814 { padding-bottom: 20.515970515970515%; padding-bottom: min(20.515970515970515%, 167px); width: 100%; … … More

  • Lululemon Wants To Make You Sweat And Every Company Will Become A Content Company

    To investors,The big news in the technology industry was that Lululemon will acquire Mirror for approximately $500 million in cash. Lululemon is an athletic apparel retailer and Mirror is a hardware device that functions as a full length mirror when turned off, but morphs into an interactive home gym when turned on. This transaction is interesting becau… Read more … … More

  • Coin Metrics’ State of the Network: Issue 57

    a.image2.image-link.image2-367-1100 { padding-bottom: 33.36363636363636%; padding-bottom: min(33.36363636363636%, 367px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-367-1100 img { max-width: 1100px; max-height: 367px; } Introducing Free Float SupplyBy Ben Celermajer and the Coin Metrics TeamKey TakeawaysUntil now, a standardized approach to determining the free float… … More

  • How binary options work

    We’re extremely excited that with today’s Acrux release, binary options are now live on Synthetix.Exchange! Binary options are a type of options contract that provides a fixed return based on a binary outcome in the future. They pay out on a certain date if the price of a chosen asset is above (or below) a level specified at the creation of the option.This post will explain how this new feature works and how to get involved. Binary options explainedA binary option is a contract that allows someo… … More

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