June 21, 2020

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  • dYdX Trader Insights #1:

    After a two-year bear market for nearly every crypto asset outside of Bitcoin, assets powering decentralized finance protocols have drastically outperformed the market. What first started as a number of financial engineering experiments, has quickly developed into an emerging crypto asset class. It seems as if DeFi is finally starting to eat parts of CeFi. Apart from Bitcoin’s increased use as a digital store of value, decentralized finance has been the primary innovation hub within the crypto e… … More

  • Recap: DeFi Week of June 15 🦄

    Hello Defiers! Hope you’re having a great weekend.Summing up this past week: This week was all about Compound Finance’s governance token $COMP. The listing highlighted how token-driven incentives can fuel a platform’s growth, as funds flowed into Compound from traders eager to “mine” the new token, which rallied many times its value over the week. Value in Compound has soared to over $600M from about $100M before COMP was listed on Uniswap, overtaking MakerDAO as t… … More

  • The KERNEL Scholarship 🌱

    This post was co-written by Adina Cretu & Vivek Singh. All costs for accepted female candidates for Gitcoin’s recently announced KERNEL program will be covered by the KERNEL Scholorship, funded by Gitcoin & ConsenSys. Heyo Gitcoiners & Gitcoinerettes! Back in December 2017, when Gitcoin first met the interwebs, we celebrated every time we saw 100 […]
    The post The KERNEL Scholarship 🌱 appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • Announcing Bankless AMAs every 2nd & 4th Thursday!

    Become a full subscriber so you never miss an AMA! Subscribe to get all the Bankless level ups.Subscribe nowOn Sundays I do the occasional announcement…I think you’re gonna like this one.Dear Bankless Nation,What’s going on with DeFi tokens?These are the types of questions we have. So how about we bring in the founders and experts and ask them directly!That’s why I’m launching Bankless AMAs for us. So we can learn from the best.Our first round of AMA guests are incr… … More