July 7, 2020

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  • Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #105

    This week’s newsletter summarizes a proposed BIP for BIP32-based path
    templates and includes our regular sections with the summary of a Bitcoin
    Core PR Review Club meeting, releases and release candidates, and
    notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software. Action items None this week. News ● Proposed BIP for BIP32 path templates: Dmitry Petukhov
    posted a proposed BIP to the Bitcoin-Dev
    mailing list, suggesting a standardized format for describing what
    BIP32 key derivation pat… … More

  • How to trade ETH perpetual on MCDEX

    Level up your open finance game five times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Subscribe nowDear Bankless Nation,Margin is risky—you know this from Tactic #43 and #35. So keep in mind that today’s tactic is another for our advanced traders. Layered on to that margin risk is this—MCEX is a new protocol. New means more risk. Yes, even despite audits.But here’s why Bankless traders should know about MCDEX…This is the first:ETH perpetual we’v… … More

  • KyberDAO Goes Lives with Katalyst Upgrade

    Kyber – a leading DeFi liquidity protocol – has officially launched KyberDAO as a part of their highly anticipated Katalyst upgrade. Katalyst and @KyberDAO are now LIVE! This milestone marks the beginning of an exciting era for Kyber, with a new decentralized governance system and technical improvements that will enhance liquidity for #DeFi !
    Details: https://t.co/ulWRkDsKO4Visit: https://t.co/BS41TCnFk2 pic.twitter.com/hE4fiquZsF
    — Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) July 7, 2020 … … More

  • Dharma Votes Against Compound Prop 14

    Title: Set WBTC Collateral Factor to 65%Proposer: Alameda ResearchDharma Vote: No Rationale We believe that wBTC is an important asset in DeFi and that it has a bright future as an asset in Compound. Nevertheless, we have concerns about the market liquidity of this asset, and argue that its Collateral Factor should increase much more gradually than this proposal. Currently, there is a time delay on minting / and redeeming wBTC. This time delay is sufficient such that the relevant marke… … More

  • Aave Unveils Credit Delegation for Trusted Undercollateralized Loans

    Aave – the third-largest DeFi lending protocol – has unveiled plans to introduce Credit Delegation for trusted undercollateralized loans. @AaveAave is starting native Credit Delegation (CD). Aave depositors can delegate their credit lines. For example, Karen deposits an asset such as USDT to @AaveAave and delegates her credit line to Chad, who draws funds such as ETH from Aave Protocol. pic.twitter.com/MwU1faThIi
    — stani.eth ’Lean DeFi’ Kulechov (@StaniKulechov) July 7, 2020
    … … More

  • Yield Farming Explosion Causes Parts of DeFi to Crack

    Hello Defiers! Here’s what’s going on in decentralized finance,Aave unveils feature enabling under-collateralized loans Yield farming’s unintended consequences ripple through DeFibZx announces token distribution dateVentureDAO makes second investment Arweave’s $100k incubatorThe open economy is taking over the old one. Subscribe to keep up with this revolution. Click here to pay with DAI (for 70 Dai/yr vs $100/yr).Subscribe now🌈🌈: Also: We’… … More

  • Welcome to the Evolution: How DeFi is Augmenting the Global Financial System

    There’s no question that blockchain technology is revolutionary. When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to Bitcoin and the blockchain technology behind it in 2008, he announced a radical, decentralized financial (DeFi) system—one that for the first time enabled users to make peer-to-peer transactions online and without a third-party intermediary. But while Bitcoin and blockchain tech have proven disruptive, they have not replaced the current centralized financial (CeFi) system. Instead, cry… … More

  • ELI5: What is SKALE Network?

    TL;DR: SKALE Network is an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum, primarily aimed for scaling smart contracts. SKALE enables the creation of app-specific sidechains, which are secured by SKALE’s own validator set.SKALE’s V1 mainnet launched 1st of July 2020.Why SKALE? SKALE helps dApp developers speed up smart contract development and increase performance. SKALE is EVM-compatible and allows builders to make use of Ethereum’s existing developer tools.How does SKALE work? The goal of SKALE is to enable… … More

  • The Weaponization Of Non-Violent Technologies

    This installment of The Pomp Letter is free for everyone. I send this email to our investors daily. If you would also like to receive it every morning, join the 50,000 other investors today.Subscribe nowTo investors,India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology decided to ban more than 50 Chinese mobile apps from being used by Indian citizens. The move came as a response to violent conflict between India and China at their shared border. The banned list included many apps… … More

  • ELI5: What is Optimism?

    Optimism is the team behind the development of Optimistic Rollup (OR). OR is an Ethereum L2 scaling solution that promises an order of magnitude improvement in transaction throughput while preserving the L1 smart contract developer experience.How does OR work? OR increases the network throughput by allowing staked validators to compute state updates (latest activity) off-chain and post state roots (minimum viable data of the updates) on-chain. The validity of OR blocks can be challenged by anyon… … More

  • A primer on Ethereum L2 scaling techniques

    What is meant by L2 scaling? L2 scaling techniques move transactions off-chain and bundle them into proofs that are submitted back to the main chain (external scaling). L1 scaling techniques try to improve the throughput of the main chain through sharding (internal scaling).The different L2 scaling solutions can roughly be divided into:State channelsSidechainsState channels assume a fixed set of participants where everyone acts as a validator, whereas sidechains have a separate validator set and… … More

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