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  • Grammy Winning Producer RAC Launches Community Token with Zora DeFi Rate

    RAC – a grammy-winning producer – has partnered with collective creation internet-scale Zora to launch a community token called $RAC. Today we’re launching something completely new. It’s called $RAC – a community token by @ourZORA. Built on ethereum.
    — RAC (@RAC) September 30, 2020 Fans and supporters of the RAC project will soon be able to claim $RAC tokens – a rewards vehicle used to better engage fans for thei… … More

  • Exploring the Dark Forest Bankless

    Last day to participate in Gitcoin Grants—contributing 1 DAI means 336 DAI in matching. Let’s help the world go bankless!Donate to GitcoinDear Bankless Nation,The mempool is a dark forest. 👈(we talked about this yesterday)It’s the place where all of your pending Ethereum transactions go. But there’s so much more going on in the mempool than most expect. Arbitrage bots, front-runners, and more. The mempool is filled with money-hungry apex predators. They hide in the memp… … More

  • The ECB Wants To Join The “Higher Inflation” Party Off The Chain

    To investors,The Federal Reserve has been adamant that they will do whatever it takes to get inflation over 2% and allow it to persist at this elevated level for an extended period of time. We are now seeing signs that this inflation-heavy strategy will not be exclusive to the United States. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde explicitly a… Read more … … More

  • DeFi Forks Are Moving Beyond Copy and Paste The Defiant

    Hello Defiers! In the past few weeks, the emerging trend of developers copying the code of popular DeFi protocols to launch similar platforms, took the space by storm. Now that some of the initial hype has settled, it’s time to take stock: What value, if any have these copies brought to the table? Danger Zhang, who writes about DeFi on Medium and on his Today in DeFi newsletter, dives into this question. He analyzes the value of the most popular DeFi forks, starting with the two most notab… … More

  • Saving Private Ether – The Daily Gwei #85 The Daily Gwei

    a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 { padding-bottom: 44.29945054945055%; padding-bottom: min(44.29945054945055%, 645px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 645px; } Did you know that every time you do anything on Ethereum there is a public and transparent record of it forever? Of course you did (I hope)! Staying … … More

  • Social Tokens: The Future of Community Token Tuesdays

    To the Token Tuesdays faithful,This week’s edition comes with a big announcement.Starting today, Token Tuesdays is now independent. As a subscriber, nothing about the newsletter will change. The only difference is that this outlet will slowly integrate more and more web3 native primitives, ultimately moving towards a future in which all content is token-permissioned, and payments are made entirely in crypto.While this specific post is free, please considering upgrading to a paid membership… … More

  • Nexus Mutual Launches Shield Mining with KEEP Network tBTC DeFi Rate

    Nexus Mutual – the popular insurance mutual protocol- has announced a new staking feature called “shield mining” to incentivize smart contract cover, starting with Keep Network. Shield mining is here!
    — Nexus Mutual (@NexusMutual) September 29, 2020 Shield mining allows any project listed on the Nexus Mutual platform to incentivize coverage providers (NXM stakers) by rewarding them with native protocol tokens.
    The first partner to go live with shield mining… … More

  • Superfluid Protocol Showcases Money Streaming Protocol DeFi Rate

    Superfluid – a protocol for programmable cashflows – has showcased its smart contract framework for money streaming. 1/X We are incredibly excited to unveil Superfluid Protocol just in time for @ETHGlobal! Programmable Cashflows will allow you to move any assets on-chain in a stream, without the need for recurring transactions. More details here
    — Superfluid (@Superfluid_HQ) September 28, 2020  
    Superfluid protocol is focused on building infr… … More

  • NEO Flamingo Finance Attracts $1.6B in TVL for DeFi Swiss Army Knife DeFi Rate

    Flamingo Finance has managed to garner 1.6 billion USD in Total Value Locked (TVL) a week after launch. The total value locked participating in Flamincome/Flamingo has surpassed 1.6 billion USD. $FLM
    — Flamingo Finance (@FlamingoFinance) September 28, 2020  
    Flamingo (FLM) is a full-stack DeFi protocol,  integrating cross-chain asset gateways, AMM-based swaps, synthetic stablecoins and perpetual contracts. The project aims to be a swiss army knife for the … … More

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