September 4, 2020

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  • Around the Block #8: The Promise and Potential of Synthetic Assets The Coinbase Blog – Medium

    Coinbase Around the Block sheds light on key issues in the crypto space. In this edition, Justin Mart explores the synthetic asset landscape as well as other notable news in the space.Today, most Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications look like copies of traditional financial products. You can swap one token for another, borrow or lend a token in a money market, and even trade on an exchange with margin and leverage.But DeFi can go much further. Blockchains are open, global platforms that car… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – September 4th DeFi Rate

    To the DeFi Community,
    This week comes to a close on a somewhat sour note.
    After months of ‘number go up’, the markets were due for a much-needed correction. I mean, after HOTDOG, KIMCHI, YUNO, and dozens of others legitimate shitcoins I think we can all agree things were getting a bit out of hand.
    But, do not let food coins cloud the pace at which DeFi teams continue to push forward the boundaries on both composability and remote-first work.
    The term ‘fair launch’ is now… … More

  • Executive Vote: Onboard USDT and PAX; Multiple Other Changes The Maker Blog

    The Governance Facilitators and the Maker Foundation Smart Contracts Team have placed an Executive Vote into the voting system which will enable the community to approve the following alterations to the protocol. Onboard USDT (Tether USD) As per the non-standard weekly poll, USDT will be added to the Maker Protocol as a collateral type if this proposal passes. USDT will be added with the following parameters, which match those in the linked poll. Risk Premium: 8%Liquidation Ratio: 150%… … More

  • SushiSwap Transfers Admin Key via MultiSig Address for LP Migration DeFi Rate

    SushiSwap – a community-forked clone of Uniswap – is offloading central points of failures with a community-operated admin multisig.
    With all the growth of @SushiSwap (and the FUD), I’m considering transitioning the admin control of MasterChef and devshare address to a MultiSig address behind timelock. The contract is already deployed here:, but no signers added yet beside me.— Chef Nomi #SushiSwap (@NomiChef) September 4, 2020
    SushiSwap̵… … More

  • A Deep Dive Into DeFi Venture Funding: VCs are Stronger Than Ever The Defiant

    Hello Defiers and happy Friday! Today we’re doing a deep dive on venture capital investment in DeFi. At a time when “VC-backed” is becoming a tainted term, with the most cutting-edge projects in decentralized finance aspiring for fair launches and community-owned tokens, we might think VCs are going out of style. The truth is, they’re stronger than ever, DeFi trader and researcher Simone Conti found.The open economy is taking over the old one. Subscribe to keep up with th… … More

  • Our Network: Issue #37 Our Network

    a.image2.image-link.image2-291-1456 { padding-bottom: 19.986263736263737%; padding-bottom: min(19.986263736263737%, 291px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-291-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 291px; } Our Network is looking for its first community manager. DM me on Twitter if you’re interested.This is issue #37 of the on-chain analytics new… … More

  • Bitcoin’s Fundamentals Continue To Tell A Very Bullish Story Off The Chain

    To investors,It has been awhile since we looked at the underlying fundamentals of Bitcoin. The decentralized digital currency has been one of the best performing assets in 2020, so I want to evaluate various metrics to determine the overall health of the network and asset.First, let’s take a look at the high level statistics for bitcoin as an asset. The… Read more … … More

  • The Human Greed Tax – The Daily Gwei #67 The Daily Gwei

    a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 { padding-bottom: 44.29945054945055%; padding-bottom: min(44.29945054945055%, 645px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 645px; } As all of you probably know by now, there has been a wave of new yield farming projects spun up on Ethereum lately that have attracted large amounts … … More

  • Friday Open Thread: what’s your highest conviction DeFi asset and why? Bankless

    There’s hundreds of DeFi tokens. It’s getting harder to find the gems.In our podcast this week we talked about the importance of conviction. So we want to hear from you: what’s your highest conviction DeFi asset?If you had to pick just one…Which DeFi asset you most confident on? And most importantly – why?(Don’t just list a token…that’s shilly…make the case!) a.image2.image-link.image2-971-1456 { padding-bottom: 66.68956043956… … More