October 9, 2020

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  • This Week in DeFi – October 9th DeFi Rate

    To the DeFi Community,
    The recent drawdown is the best time for anyone who’s heads down in the industry.
    It’s less noise and more time to focus on building. These are the times that allow people to position for the next micro bull cycle. For the savvy investors, this is the time to start DCA’ing into some blue chip crypto assets at discount prices. There’s minimal scams, pump and dumps, and no one is fighting for attention to shill “the next big thing” on Twit… … More

  • DefiDollar Launches DFD Token with Retro Rewards and Liquidity Mining DeFi Rate

    DefiDollar – a stablecoin aggregator – have announced liquidity mining and retroactive rewards for the launch of their native governance token $DFD. Announcing the next chapter of DefiDollar, which encompasses our vision, roadmap, and the retroactive liquidity mining program.https://t.co/UolAdj9yV8
    — DefiDollar (@defidollar) October 7, 2020 DeFiDollar ($DUSD) is a stable asset-backed by an index of stablecoins. $DUSD is a hedge against volatility and provides portfolio risk … … More

  • No, DeFi is Not Dead The Defiant

    Hello, Defiers! So much has happened in DeFi these past few months, that it’s time for a 2020 retrospective, even if the year isn’t over yet.The open economy is taking over the old one. Subscribe to keep up with this revolution. Click here to pay with DAI.Subscribe now🎙Listen to this week’s podcast episode w/ Gavin McDermott of IDEO: a.image2.image-link.image2-168-816 { padding-bottom: 20.588235294117645%; padding-bottom: min(20.58… … More

  • Our Network: Issue #42 Our Network

    This is issue #42 of the on-chain analytics newsletter that reaches 5500 crypto investors every week 📈Subscribe nowData-Driven Crypto JobsAnalysts, researchers, and other members of the Our Network community are increasingly reaching out to me in search of opportunities to work in the space. To that end, I am going to start posting a list of high-quality, data-driven crypto jobs in this newsletter once per quarter moving forward. Here are some of the best open roles available now: V… … More

  • Kyber Ecosystem Report #19 Stories by Deniz Omer on Medium_aboutkyber

    Hello fellow Kyberians,Welcome to the Autumn edition of our ecosystem report. A year ago this autumn we were busy formulating our ideas around what turned into the KyberDAO and our Katalyst release. A year on, after a successful launch and the distribution of more than $1M to KyberDAO participants, we are once again formulating our ideas around the future of Kyber and what 2021 and beyond holds. Guiding narratives for us continue to be:Enhancing liquidity by optimizing network fees and growing o… … More

  • Our Network: Issue #42 (Part 2) Our Network

    Continued from Part 1.④ DODOContributor: Diane Dai, Co-founder at DODO ExchangeSubscribeDODO is a nascent liquidity protocol that is gaining popularity and traction among liquidity providers and traders alike. Two of the most important performance indicators for an on-chain liquidity provider like DODO are total value locked (TVL) and trading volume, as they directly measure the platform’s available liquidity, trader participation, and capital efficiency. After a brief dip … … More

  • Maker Governance Review: September 2020 The Maker Blog

    The Maker Governance Review provides a monthly recap of all Governance activity, from Governance blog posts and polling/voting history to Governance Cycle progress. Each review is written to keep the Maker community informed of Governance developments. Top Governance News September saw a number of notable developments, with the Governance community voting to onboard several new collateral assets: USDT and PAXLRC, COMP, and LINK These and other Executive Votes raised the Dai Debt Cei… … More

  • Bitcoin Forced Central Banks Into The Innovator’s Dilemma Off The Chain

    To investors,Central banks around the world have historically been heavy on academic theory and light on technological innovation. The last decade has pushed these institutions out of their comfort zone though. They have had to deal with multiple economic crisis, while also fending off pressure from private fintech companies.These fintech companies star… Read more … … More

  • Friday Open Thread: Are you buying the DeFi dip? Bankless

    The DeFi space is in a cool down period. A lot of major DeFi tokens are down -30%, -40%, -50%…some even more. You buying during this dip? If yes, what are you buying? And make sure to explain why. a.image2.image-link.image2-339-512 { padding-bottom: 66.2109375%; padding-bottom: min(66.2109375%, 339px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-339-512 img { max-width: 512px; ma… … More

  • The DeFi Projects Map – The Daily Gwei #92 The Daily Gwei

    a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 { padding-bottom: 44.29945054945055%; padding-bottom: min(44.29945054945055%, 645px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 645px; } Camila Russo shared the below Ethereum DeFi Projects Map yesterday that was created by Simone Conti. The map got me thinking – how many of these proj… … More

  • Shell Protocol Launches Stablecoin AMM DeFi Rate

    Shell Protocol – a stablecoin AMM – has launched its first pool on mainnet. 1/ We are now LIVE! Shell is a liquidity pool protocol optimized for stablecoins.https://t.co/aWYdhB52pv
    — Shell Protocol (@ShellProtocol) October 5, 2020 Featuring a target weight of 30% DAI, 30% USDC, 30% USDT and 10% sUSD, Shell’s first pool makeup mirrors Curve’s sUSD pool, the same pool used by Swerve Finance with slightly different weighting.
    Shell pools have five features worth emph… … More