January 8, 2021

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  • This Week In DeFi – January 8 DeFi Rate

    To the DeFi community,
    The pace of shipping has picked up in stride with the booming DeFi bull market.
    One of the oldest tools for swaps, Shapeshift, announced DEX integrations to offer increased transparency and better security. ERC20 token swaps are available now, with native Bitcoin swaps launching later in the first quarter. Shapeshift has been around since 2014 and was forced by regulatory pressure to add KYC checks in October 2018, which they aim to eliminate thanks to DeFi integrations.  … … More

  • COVER Protocol Launches New Token, Activates Compensation Plan DeFi Rate

    COVER Protocol has launched a new version of the COVER token, which can now be claimed by those parties affected by the recent hack of the protocol. New COVER Token Launchhttps://t.co/O6gfg1lGpp
    — Cover Protocol (@CoverProtocol) January 5, 2021 A claims portal has been set up, which will distribute the new COVER tokens in accordance with the previously mentioned compensation plan blog post.
    How does the claim process work?
    Multiple claim options are available, depending on the circumstan… … More

  • Full Incident Post Mortem: January 6–7, 2021 The Coinbase Blog – Medium

    Incident Post Mortem: January 6–7, 2021*This article has been updated with a full post mortem.Last week, on January 6th and 7th, Coinbase experienced a critical outage which impacted the APIs used to serve coinbase.com and our mobile apps. Trading on our Exchange via the APIs, and underlying market health was unaffected. This post is a deep dive on what caused the downtime, how it was remediated and steps we’re taking to prevent similar outages.A tale of two stormsJanuary 6thAt 10:15am EST, auto… … More

  • The Insiders Recap to 2020 (Part 1) DeFi Weekly by @kermankohli

    Hey all, hope you enjoyed your holidays! As you can tell, we’ve had an explosive year back so far and thought I’d take the time to review some of the events and review some subjectively strong opinions I made during that time. I’m not sure how many are right or wrong but I’m sure there’s something valuable from reflecting back on your own work. For what it’s worth, this isn’t your usual 2020 DeFi recap!Lots of alpha leaks in this post fyi.Competing Chain… … More

  • The Insiders Recap to 2020 (Part 2) DeFi Weekly by @kermankohli

    This is a continuation from the first part since Substack was telling me part 1 was getting too long!Yield Farming Peak (August)We all started seeing that yield farming was becoming an extremely lucrative activity and the run-up of YFI enforced to crypto-natives that there was a new avenue to start making money regardless of if there was a macro bull-market or not. This tweet from Andre sums it up pretty well:Andre Cronje @[email protected] A mutually agreed 5 day no new launches break, … … More

  • Brief Incident Post Mortem: January 6–7, 2021 The Coinbase Blog – Medium

    This is a short placeholder blog and will be replaced with a full post-mortem and disclosure of what happened yesterday.TLDR: From 15:15 to 15:45 UTC on Tuesday, January 6th 2021, and again from 15:32 to 20:36 UTC yesterday, January 7th, 2021, the API that powers coinbase.com and our mobile applications experienced instability for our customers globally. This instability ranged from periods of full outage to elevated error rates for customers across both our web and mobile applications. At 20:36… … More

  • AI Art Heating Up! Bankless

    a.image2.image-link.image2-128-915 { padding-bottom: 13.989071038251366%; padding-bottom: min(13.989071038251366%, 128px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-128-915 img { max-width: 915px; max-height: 128px; } Metaversal is a Bankless newsletter for weekly level-ups on NFTs, virtual worlds, & collectiblesSubscribe nowDear Bankless Nation,This was a speci… … More

  • Our Network: Issue #53 Our Network

    Click here to join Our Network Alerts on Telegram.This is issue #53 of the on-chain analytics newsletter that reaches nearly 7000 crypto investors every week 📈Subscribe now✨ Together with our partners:1inch, whose v2 offers the best rates by discovering the most efficient swapping routes across all DEXes—swap on the customizable new UI. And also Aave, where you can experience DeFi: Deposit, Earn, & Borrow on Aave. a.image2.image-link.image2-108-1… … More

  • ROLLUP: 1st Week of January Bankless

    Level up your open finance game five times a week. Subscribe to the Bankless program below.Join the Bankless Nation🗞️ Latest Weekly Rollup. Download the week in crypto to your brain in this 25 min show.Listen to podcast episode | iTunes | Spotify | YouTube | RSS FeedTools from our sponsors to go bankless:⭐️ AAVE | BORROW OR LEND YOUR ASSETShttps://bankless.cc/aave🚀 GEMINI | MOST TRUSTED EXCHANGE AND ONRAM… … More

  • “I’m a Strong Believer in Blockchain; This is Just the Beginning:” Atari CEO Fred Chesnias The Defiant

    In this week’s episode I interview Fred Chesnias, the CEO of Atari. The video game company now has a token and plans to release a wallet and even an exchange. The token is an erc20, which Atari hopes will get used across any game, not just their own. With the token, users will be able to buy Atari NFTs, which include wearables to make a fashion sta… Read more … … More

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