February 10, 2021

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  • Real Time Data on MetaMask Swaps MetaMask – Medium

    One of the profound evolutions of public blockchains like Ethereum is that financial data happens in real time, viewable by anyone. Increasingly, companies like Dune Analytics are making it easier to transform this data into useful dashboards in a matter of minutes.Today we created a public Dune Analytics dashboard so that you can view real-time data on token swaps happening through MetaMask’s new swap feature. We include cumulative volume (USD), the cumulative number of swaps, the number of uni… … More

  • Friends With Benefits: A New Model for Social Tokens on Ethereum ConsenSys Media – Medium

    This is part of a series of articles from ConsenSys Codefi’s Q4 2020 Ethereum DeFi Report. Download the full report to learn more about token standards for assets and payments, NFT marketplaces, social and community tokens, flash loans, wrapped Bitcoin and Filecoin, lending projects and more.The Ethereum community gets to ask itself everyday, “what is money?” Before cryptocurrencies and tokens even emerged, a rich intellectual history has been written on the anthropology and sociology of money. … … More

  • Kyber Ecosystem Report January 2021 Stories by Deniz Omer on Medium_aboutkyber

    Hello fellow Kyberians,And here it is! Kyber 3.0, the most ambitious and important change to Kyber Network since launch! Consisting of a major architectural overhaul, this upgrade will shape Kyber’s future and allow a new wave of innovation to take place previously not possible on the existing infrastructure. The major overhaul is being accompanied by a dynamic automated market maker built from the ground up by the team and a KNC migration proposal that puts KNC at the heart of the KyberDAO.The … … More