March 3, 2021

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  • Why Is There Maximalism In Crypto? ConsenSys Media – Medium

    When new people enter crypto, one of the very first cultural bugs (or features depending who you ask) they notice is maximalism: “Why do the Bitcoin people ban us from their Clubhouse rooms when we start discussing altcoins? Why do the Ethereum people call newer blockchains ghost chains? Why isn’t there more collaboration between the various core development teams of different blockchains?”Many have asked me these questions on platforms like Clubhouse. Heck, even Urban Dictionary defines Bitcoin… … More

  • Connect Users to Layer 2 networks with the MetaMask Custom Networks API MetaMask – Medium

    Connect Users to Layer 2 Networks with the MetaMask Custom Networks APIToday the fundamentals of Ethereum are stronger than ever. 1.3 million transactions settle more than $12 billion daily. 74% of all stablecoins are issued on Ethereum, worth $30 billion. More than 5 million unique NFTs have been bought and sold for over $300 million. Amidst the burgeoning demand to access liquidity and activity on Ethereum, the network is straining under the weight of its own success. Moving more computation t… … More