6 Blockchain Takeaways from Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020

The most important quotes, insights, and predictions from industry leaders about the future of Ethereum, dapp development, enterprise adoption, DeFi, and more.

“Ethereum is probably the only thing that transcends language, that transcends gender, that transcends religion, that transcends location. It’s a common language that people have gathered around. I don’t think there can be many of those-potentially only one.”

Collin Myers, Global Product Strategy, ConsenSys Codefi

Over the past two days, 200+ developers, entrepreneurs, enterprise veterans, and leading industry minds came together from across the blockchain ecosystem for the first-ever Ethereal Virtual Summit. Their mission: to debate, collaborate, and educate the broader crypto community on the most important developments in the pipeline for 2020, and at every layer of the stack, from Eth2 staking to enterprise permissioning to DeFi applications. If there’s one overall takeaway, it’s that nothing-no plague, no outage, no laggy videostream-will stop the community in their effort to make blockchain mainstream. As Joe Lubin emphasized in his conversation with Mike Novogratz, the revolutionaries and the evolutionaries need to work together to “bring the wisdom down the mountain to the people.”

In coming days, we’ll release individual video recordings so you can catch any sessions you missed and also revisit your favorites. In the meantime, here are the top 6 takeaways from the two jam-packed days of interviews, panels, demos, and more.

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