MKR Unipool Example.

A. Adding Liquidity – aka ⚡️Zap In⚡️

  1. Visit Explore Zaps + click Zap In on MKR Unipool.

  2. Enter your input amount.

  3. Select transaction speed.

  4. Click Zap In + Confirm transaction.

  5. Receive minted ETH/MKR Pool Liquidity Tracking Tokens from Uniswap.

B. Withdrawing Liquidity – aka ⚡️🔄Zap Out🔄

  1. Visit MKR Unipool Zap + click Zap Out.

  2. Choose how much liquidity you would like to withdraw.

  3. Pick how you would like to receive your proceeds:

    • ETH.

    • MKR.

    • ETH+MKR.

    • DAI.

  4. Click Zap Out + confirm transaction.

    ⚠️NOTE: First time users will have to approve 2 transactions via MetaMask on submit. DeFiZap requires permission to interact with your Uniswap tokens. You can revoke this permission at any time.





Please note that DeFiZap is an experimental project. DeFiZap is not providing any investment advisory or recommendation service. By using DeFiZap or its services, you agree that you are using the Services at your own risk and that you will not and do not hold DeFiZap or its team members liable should the services not perform as per your expectation. DeFiZap is not a licensed financial advisor under any law. Please consult your own independent investment advisor before making any investment decisions.

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