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Latest stories

  • YFI’s yETH Vaults – Explained DeFi Weekly by @kermankohli

    Hey everyone, I’ve started a DeFi Weekly Youtube Channel which has hand drawn videos of me explaining complex DeFi/crypto topics! They’re highly detailed and the perfect thing for if you want someone to sit down, and tell you how DeFi works.Like usual, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know what you think or if you have any specific requests for future videos! … More

  • “After DeFi, it’s NFTs and DAOs. We’re Gathering Tinder:” Jihoz of Axie Infinity The Defiant

    Hello Defiers! This week’s interview is with Jeff Zirlin, aka Jihoz, growth lead at Axie Infinity. Axie is a digital game built on Ethereum, which involves cute animals going to battle against each other and allowing gamers to take control of their digital assets. Jihoz got into blockchain-based games with CryptoKitties after he was banned from his Worl… Read more … … More

  • This Week in DeFi – September 18th DeFi Rate

    To the DeFi Community,
    What would this recap be without a reflection on the UNIversal Basic Income.
    For those sleeping under a rock, Uniswap released its UNI governance token with a retroactive distribution to past users. Whether you were a trader, a liquidity provider, or a loyal $SOCKS holders, Thursday marked a sweet surprise with a free airdrop good for 15% of the total supply to value-added actors. We’re thrilled to announce that UNI, the Uniswap Protocol governance token, is live now on E… … More

  • Uniswap Community Proposes to Distribute UNI to Proxy Contract Users DeFi Rate

    Uniswap – the leading DEX – is undergoing it’s first community governance to decide whether or not to issue UNI to pocket niches of proxy contract users. 1/ We’d like to congratulate the @UniswapProtocol team and applaud $UNI’s distribution, rewarding early users and supporters.
    However, the distribution unfortunately excludes a subset of Uniswap users, including Dharma users, due to what we believe was an unintended oversight.
    — Dharma (@Dharma_HQ) September 17,… … More

  • Meme Protocol Announces First Artist Collaboration DeFi Rate

    Meme Protocol – a DeFi and NFT crossover – has announced its very first artist collaboration, teaming up with LA-based digital artist Sven Eberwein. The $MEME team is proud to announce our first exclusive digital artist collab with trending digital NFT artist @sven_eberwein This drop includes 4 new exclusive fine art collectibles with multiple levels of supply.
    The pool is open. Stake responsibly.https://t.co/42rx982356 pic.twitter.com/hnyQVc47Hk
    — Meme ($MEME) (@DontBuyMeme… … More

  • Executive Vote: Enable TUSD, Reduce Stablecoin Liquidation Ratios, Other Changes The Maker Blog

    The Governance Facilitators and the Maker Foundation Smart Contracts Team have placed an Executive Vote into the voting system which will enable the community to approve the following alterations to the protocol. Base Rate Increase As per the weekly Base Rate poll the Base Rate meta-parameter will be increased from -2% to 0% if this proposal passes. Stability Fees are calculated from the Base Rate and Risk Premiums using the formula Stability Fee = max(Base Rat… … More

  • Nervos CKB Development Update #40 Nervos Network – Medium

    Covering Aug 24 to September 6, 2020It’s time for another update! Check out what the dev team has been up to during the past few weeks.CKB v0.36.0-rc3 is available, which is the first release candidate for the next version.In the last two weeks, we haveCompleted pool requirements analysis.Been improving the developer experience with new RPC methods, better documentation, and easy-to-reuse Rust crates.Been tuning the performance of transactions processing.Been supporting WebSocket in Tentacle.Bee… … More

  • DeFi and the Gifts from Pricey Gas: Jeff Garzik The Defiant

    Hello Defiers! Yesterday many felt the pain of a congested and expensive Ethereum network as on top of all the usual craziness in DeFi, everyone was rushing to redeem their UNI, and Ethereum became almost unusable. It’s been that way for the past couple of months, so much so, that only whales are able to access the more sophisticated and complex applica… Read more … … More

  • Announcing KERNEL Block 2 Gitcoin’s Blog

    A little over three months ago, we announced the beginning of KERNEL. An experiment in building a highly curated community of talented builders in Web 3, the KERNEL Fellowship was designed to anchor towards the value of collaboration and serendipity at the earliest stages of building our Web 3 ecosystem. What happened next was incredible. […]
    The post Announcing KERNEL Block 2 appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • Our Network: Issue #39 Our Network

    a.image2.image-link.image2-291-1456 { padding-bottom: 19.986263736263737%; padding-bottom: min(19.986263736263737%, 291px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-291-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 291px; } ICYMI last week: register now for the Our Network ✘ RabbitHole giveawayThis is issue #39 of the on-chain analytics newsletter that reaches m… … More

  • Our Network: Issue #39 (Part 2) Our Network

    Continued from Part 1.④ MakerDAOContributors: Marko Štemberger & Vishesh ChoudhryLiquidity mining schemes influencing the DAI peg. Observe the following moves in the diagram below:This period was most influenced by Sushi and other forks “Food DeFi” farms. These farms consist of Uniswap and later Sushiswap LP tokens including WETH/DAI. As a result, DAI was pulled from stablecoin nominated AMMs into WETH nominated AMMs. At the end of the period, MakerDAO executes the 60M… … More

  • Ethereum is an Economic Nexus – The Daily Gwei #77 The Daily Gwei

    a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 { padding-bottom: 44.29945054945055%; padding-bottom: min(44.29945054945055%, 645px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-645-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 645px; } The Ethereum network achieved 2 new all time highs yesterday – it processed the most transactions ever and generated the most fees in its entire hist… … More

  • Friday Open Thread: Buy, sell, or hold UNI? Bankless

    You just got 400 UNI.Do you sell, hold, or buy more? a.image2.image-link.image2-540-1456 { padding-bottom: 37.08791208791209%; padding-bottom: min(37.08791208791209%, 540px); width: 100%; height: 0; } a.image2.image-link.image2-540-1456 img { max-width: 1456px; max-height: 540px; } Image via official blog … More

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