$ALEX Launches Personal Token Liquidity Mining

Alex Masmej – founder of Rocket NFT and the creator of $ALEX – has just unveiled a new yield farming campaign around his Uniswap V2 liquidity pool.

1/ Pumped to announce the $ALEX Yield Round

– Starting August 8th, $ALEX liquidity mining starts
– Add liquidity to ALEX/ETH Uniswap V2 to be eligible
– 100k $ALEX to be airdropped to all Uniswap V2 LP’s

Playing the long game with my community. 🌾


— Alex Masmej ☄ (@AlexMasmej) August 3, 2020

Built on Roll, $ALEX was the first personal token to take center stage through his Initial $ALEX Offering in which $20k was raised to select participants in exchange for up to 15% of his income over the next 5 years. While this created a ton of awareness for Alex, one of the biggest issues plaguing both $ALEX and every personal token is secondary market liquidity.

In line with every DeFi token, the primary market to trade $ALEX is Uniswap. However, liquidity tends to be scarce due to people being more long on $ALEX than they are on providing value-added liquidity in exchange for a small sliver of trading fees which incur impermanent loss.

As illustrated in the original article “a 2.5 ETH purchase of $ALEX would have a price impact of over 5%”. To combat this, Alex is now offering incentives to liquidity providers over the course of August 8th – September 8th.

What’s to Know?

Just as with other liquidity mining programs, participants simply need to provide liquidity to this ALEX/ETH Unsiwap pool. Given the early nature of this experiment, LPs will need to remain in the pool for the entirety of the month period to be eligible for rewards.

Alex will allocate 100,000 $ALEX proportionally to eligible LPs via an airdrop at the end of the period. For participants, the experiment is likely to continue with a new reward amount and pool allocations following the first month.

“With the advent of a bull market, pools are getting more competitive from an interest rate perspective,” Masmej told DeFi Rate. “Making sure $ALEX holders get rightly compensated seemed both fair and strategic for the long term health of my token.”

Anyone participating in this program should join the $ALEX permissioned Telegram group, a chat that scans your web3 wallet to ensure you hold at least 1 ALEX to join.

To add more context, this announcement continues the trend of innovative experiments the French Steve Job has incubated included “Control My Life” – an ALEX-based governance poll in which stakeholders voted to have Alex run 5km every day for the past month.

Social Tokens Heat Up

The launch of the $ALEX Yield Round comes in line with a strong surge in interest regarding personal tokens – more recently being branded as social currency. Popularized by Roll, creators of all shapes and sizes are stepping up to tokenize themselves in an attempt to incubate a dedicated community that shares in that creator’s future upside.

This weekend, we saw the launch of $JAMM – a personal token by Brian Flynn that aims to offer exclusive benefits to his newsletter subscribers along with JAMM merch and early product access.

Before that, a group called KarmaDAO launched a token – KARMA – which requires users to hold 200 tokens to enter the chat group and gain access to private meetings with early-stage projects showcasing their development. This notion of token-permissioned chat groups then made it’s way to DeFi with the launch of the DeFi Nation Signal DAO and their DSD token.

As we covered a few weeks before that, game developer Coin Artist is launching a tokenized syndicate – COIN – using fractionalized NFT shards in partner with Niftex.

If the trend wasn’t clear enough, personal tokens are here to stay and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s possible in the coming months.

To stay up with Alex and the $ALEX yield round, follow him on Twitter and be sure to keep an eye out for more announcements on Medium.

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