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Gather around the campfire with Aave Founder and CEO Stani Kulechov and Aave COO Jordan Lazaro on Tuesday December 8 at 12 PM UK time as they roast marshmallows with the founders of the Aave-invested crypto collectibles game, Aavegotchi.

Aa chat to remember

Since arriving in late summer 2020, Aavegotchi has piqued the curiosity of the wider crypto space with the project’s embracing of composability to achieve a blockchain gaming experience that is unlike any other. The game incorporates Aave’s platform and aTokens in a number of ways that Stani and Jordan will be covering directly with founders Coder Dan and Jesse Johnson.

This chat will be more than an introduction to what’s well established about Aavegotchi; it will also be a deeper conversation about the various gaming experiences that are being built around Aave’s recently-launched V2 Aavenomics.

Kicking off the Aave-themed Gotchi Raffle

This fireside chat takes place just hours before an Aave-themed wearables raffle begins. This raffle event is Aavegotchi’s second such raffle and rewards early adopters who have staked GHST tokens to earn FRENS points. Those FRENS points can be exchanged for a variety of NFT raffle tickets that will be entered into today’s Aave Raffle.

On December 11, the raffle window will close and the Chainlink random number generating oracle will be engaged, helping Aavegotchi’s raffle smart contract automatically and fairly distribute 5,715 Aave-themed wearable NFTs to winners!

…wait, what’s that?
There’s more than 5715 NFTs?!

BONUS ROUND: Aave NFTs Revealed!

To celebrate this “Meeting of Minds” between Aave and Aavegotchi, our two teams have whipped up some special edition NFT collectibles that will also be distributed via the Raffle event. The pieces were designed 50/50 between the Aave and Aavegotchi teams and reflect our mutual respect for one another and on-going collaborations.

Legendary tickets are the 4th highest of six total tiers and give you a chance to win the original base NFT: Frens 4ever.
The Mythical swaps the Aave Ghost and Aavegotchi for Jordan’s custom wearables and Jesse’s signature mad-scientist aavegotchi.
The Godlike version features custom Stani wearables (with a safety liquidation vest and an Aave boat to boot) and Coder Dan signature aavatar.

The exact numbers for Bonus NFTs are :

Frens4Ever (Original) Legendary: 200 total
Frens4Ever (COOs) Mythical: 20 total
Frens4Ever (CEOs) Godlike 2 total

Needless to say, this week is going to be A LOT of fun and joining us for the fireside chat is a great way to kick it off together. Bring your marshmallows!

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