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On Sundays I do the occasional announcement…I think you’re gonna like this one.

Dear Bankless Nation,

What’s going on with DeFi tokens?

These are the types of questions we have. So how about we bring in the founders and experts and ask them directly!

That’s why I’m launching Bankless AMAs for us. So we can learn from the best.

Our first round of AMA guests are incredible. We’re kicking off with Stani Kulechov next Thursday. LEND token will def be on the menu.

Join us Thursday. Then mark these dates on your calendar!



DeFi Founders Series

  • Stani Kulechov – Aave, June 25th (12pm EST – 4pm UTC)

  • Robert Leshner – Compound, July 7th (12pm EST – 4pm UTC)

  • Rune Christensen – MakerDAO, July 23rd (12pm EST – 4pm UTC)

  • Kain Warwick – Synthetix, August 7th (6pm EST – 10pm UTC!)

  • Felix Feng – Set Protocol, August 27th (12pm EST – 4pm UTC)



Every 2nd & 4th Thursday Bankless will host an “Ask Me Anything” with an interesting guest. Bankless members get 1 hour to ask anything they wish.


Each AMA will be held in the Bankless Inner Circle Discord channel.


Bankless AMAs are open to all full Bankless members.


The 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month. Almost always at 12pm EST (4pm UTC).


Guests will include prominent DeFi community members ranging from founders to builders to leading investors and more. You’ll definitely recognize the names. 😎

Join us for our next AMA on Thursday, June 25th…


The Bankless AMA Series is only available to full Bankless subscribers.

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You’ll get the best minds in crypto coming directly to you, to answer any of your burning questions. Just one of the many perks available for Bankless subscribers.

It’s time to level up your open finance game. 👇

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Aave is an open source and non-custodial protocol for money market creation. Originally launched with the Aave Market, it now supports Uniswap and TokenSet markets and enables users and developers to earn interest and leverage their assets. Aave also pioneered Flash Loans, an innovative DeFi building block for developers to build self-liquidations, collateral swaps, and more. Check it out here.

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