Argent V1 Launch: Explore DeFi With a Smart Mobile Wallet

Argent – a sector-leading mobile DeFi wallet – has just rolled out V1 of their latest product update, integrating a suite of top DeFi projects.

We’re extremely proud to introduce:

Argent V1 with one tap access to DeFi. 🥳

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— Argent (@argentHQ) May 18, 2020

This highly anticipated news comes with tons of community backing as Argent has officially released support for Set Protocol, Compound, Uniswap, Maker, PoolTogether, Aave, and Kyber Network. It’s highly likely that this is the start of many more products to be added to the sleek mobile wallet in the coming months.

For our more frequent readers, you may recall our interview with CEO Itamar Lesuisse following the close of a $12M Series A round – teasing the release which we just saw today. With a strong marketing campaign to back, there’s no doubt Argent is well suited to enjoy it’s biggest year to date.

What’s to Know?

With this update, Argent now expands on its key features of passcode logins, free transactions, social recovery, and daily transfer limits to further expand its potential to bring DeFi to a nontechnical audience.

For those who have yet to use Argent, all of these features can be leveraged by clicking the “Invest” tab and choosing any of the supported products under “Explore DeFi”. Alternatively, users can select “Finances” and “Explore DeFi” to reach the same screen.


What’s unique to Argent’s mobile experience is that rather than taking users out of the product by using an in-app mobile, everything happens natively, with users choosing to buy or supply liquidity directly with one button.

While certain integrations – like Uniswap V2 – are not yet live on mainnet, the fact that they are being supported in Argent goes to show the upgrade is much closer than we may think. Similarly, the announcement video also hints at support for other products like Synthetix, a signal that this rollout is the start of a variety of new integrations to come in the following weeks.

Extrapolating a bit, we can even envision a future in which Argent introduces a means of governance for users to decide on what products to add next either by using a native token and the SAFG framework or by introducing a DAO.

Mobile Wallets in DeFi

What’s unique about this rollout is that it comes in line with a suite of other mobile wallets that are quickly tapping into the vibrant DeFi landscape in an intuitive fashion. With products like Coinbase Wallet introducing lending support, Dharma rolling out p2p layer 2 transactions and Zerion offering a mobile means to integrate their asset management tools, we are now seeing a clear trend for projects to offer DeFi onramps in a quick and intuitive fashion.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about Argent is the extensive nature of a mobile wallet presented in an enticing fashion. Not only does the wallet support DeFi, it also segments between Tokens, Collectibles, and Finances to provide a clear overview of holdings – something which MetaMask currently lacks.

While it’s unclear whether or not new users will favor mobile wallets over desktop support, there’s not denying that Argent is quickly gaining steam as the go-to wallet for any mobile-first user.

“Argent now does everything you’d expect from a bank (and more). Without the bank. It’s non-custodial, so only you can access your assets. And it’s open to anyone, anywhere.”

We’ll keep a close eye on Argent, which you can too by following them on Twitter.

If you’re new to Argent and looking to give it a spin, shoot us a DM on Twitter to claim a Golden Ticket to skip the line and get started today!

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