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  • Phisher Watch: Airdrop Scams MetaMask – Medium

    As cryptocurrency has grown, its users have become an increasingly hot target for phishers. Each time we make one type of phishing harder, the phishers come up with new techniques, and so it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay aware of the latest scams, and consider how you can keep yourself (and friends and users) safe from these attacks.One approach that has been growing in popularity lately is what we’re calling “Airdrop scams”. A typical airdrop scam involves minting a new malicious token,… … More

  • A Possible BTC Future Gavin Andresen

    Take this as a little piece of science fiction; the chances the future looks like this are small, but of all the possible futures I think this has as good a chance of any of happening: Imagine: it is the year 2061. The BTC price is six million US dollars– equal to about a million 2021 dollars because of inflation. Miners are being rewarded 0.006103515625 BTC per block, plus transaction fees of about 5 BTC for 4,000 or so transactions ($7,500 per transaction). But most BTC transactions don’t … … More

  • Team Spotlight: Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches, Executive Director at Fabric Ventures Fabric Ventures – Medium

    At Fabric Ventures we want to go the distance for potential founders, and perhaps the best person to exemplify this is Solenne Niedercorn-Desouches, our Executive Director, based in Luxembourg. A podcast host, experienced trail runner and with an impressive proven track record in private banking and start-ups, Solenne is the go-to for learning more about regulation, compliance and critical processes in the Fabric Ventures team.With degrees from Paris Dauphine and La Sorbonne in Management, Finan… … More

  • Immutable — $82M Series B to bring Ethereum L2 NFTs to the world Fabric Ventures – Medium

    Immutable — $82M Series B to bring Ethereum L2 NFTs to the worldAt the market level, NFTs are emerging as a new asset class and mainstream intrigue has well and truly arrived. Currently, interest is predominantly concentrated in Collectibles (~$300bn) and Art (~$50-$100bn), but the future of NFTs will be much more than just collectibles — verticals with inherent utility, demand and liquidity, with trillion dollar potential, such as in games (~$100bn). There were $98B of in-game items sold in 202… … More

  • This Rare Cryptopunk Was Given Away For Free ConsenSys Media – Medium

    A rare Cryptopunk NFT was given away for free with support from Felt Zine and the decentralized NFT community. Explore this blog by Dev Moore of Felt Zine and read more about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) here.What’s better than buying a Cryptopunk? The opportunity to share it with your friends. Curators of culture are quickly becoming a key component to the reorganization and value of digital culture in the era of Web 3.0.FELT Zine, an experimental internet art collective (creators of the world’s … … More

  • Team Spotlight: Alain Falys, Venture Partner at Fabric Ventures Fabric Ventures – Medium

    At Fabric Ventures, our team all bring diverse experiences to the fund, in order to ensure the best working environment for founders and investors alike. Bringing an in-depth critical awareness of being a Fin-Tech entrepreneur and investor is today’s team member, Alain Falys, our Venture Partner.Alain is an ‘entrepreneur at heart’. His work as a technology entrepreneur and investor has meant that he has led the way at the forefront of the development of the Open Economy. His more recent role as … … More

  • Superfluid — $9M To Build Real-Time Finance Fabric Ventures – Medium

    Superfluid — $9M To Build Real-Time FinanceSourceFabric Ventures is an investment firm that has spent the last 5 years in the emerging Web3.0 space and as such the extended family which we have built over this time is both deep and broad, and a critical part of being a successful investment fund: Michele D’Aliessi — COO & Co-founder of Superfluid falls into this category. We have had the pleasure of working with Michele and followed his career path closely and are now excited to invest in th… … More

  • Blockpit — $10m for crypto tax and compliance Fabric Ventures – Medium

    Blockpit — $10m for crypto tax and complianceBlockpit TeamWe’re excited about Fabric Ventures’ new investment in Blockpit GmbH, the crypto tax and compliance specialist.In many ways this company signals the coming of age of the crypto markets. Although digital assets are in the early innings of adoption, with total crypto users still only representing ~ 1% of the global population, there is no doubt that large FIs & fintechs, such as GP Anil Hansjee’s prior employer PayPal, are making it eas… … More

  • All You Need to Know About EIP-1559 ETH Gas Station

    EIP-1559 is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal created to optimize the fee market system of the Ethereum blockchain. 
    The EIP — activated in the London hard fork upgrade on Aug. 5th, 2021 — will change the way Ethereum gas fees are calculated and in doing so streamline transaction UX, improve ETH’s economics, and boost the security of Ethereum in general. 
    The origins of EIP-1559
    Influenced by earlier research by Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin and EthHub co-founder Eric Conner, EIP-1559 was f… … More

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