Binance Launches EVM Compatible DeFi Smart Chain DeFi Rate

Binance – the leading crypto exchange – has launched it’s Smart Chain on mainnet.

#Binance Smart Chain Has Launched! 🚀

Numerous crypto projects are already working with the Binance Chain community to help make BSC a robust blockchain platform, such as:

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— Binance (@binance) September 1, 2020


Binance Smart Chain, a parallel chain that enables Smart Contract functionality on the blockchain, is now live. There will now be two blockchains, the existing Binance Chain (BC), and the newly formed parallel chain, Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Another key feature of this new update is that it introduces a new staking mechanism to the Binance Coin (BNB).

BC and BSC will use Cross-Chain Communication to relay information to each other. BSC is compliant with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), using a Proof of Staked Authority  (PoSA) consensus model. BSC features a ~5 seconds block time with transaction fees costing a fraction of a cent.

Those building on or supporting Binance Smart Chain include:

1. Blockchain Infrastructure and Tools: ChainLink, Band Protocol, Trust Wallet, Ankr, BSCScan,, MathWallet, MyWish, CertiK, Torus
2. DeFi: Swipe, Aave, 1inch, WazirX, DODO, dForce,, Spartan Protocol, MCDEX, Cream, ForTube, DeBank
3. Cross-Chain Liquidity: RenVM, pNetwork, Thorchain, Ferrum.Network, Alpha Finance
4. Others: Dapp.Review, Ontology,,, Clutch, BCA, Ignite

CEXs Last Hope

Lately, Binance has been on a DeFi listing spree. The hotly anticipated Curve DAO Token (CRV) was listed within an hour after launch. Various other DeFi projects like Yearn Finance, Aragon, Serum, Numeraire, Terra, PAX Gold, Tellor, bZx Protocol, Wrapped BTC, Sushi, Kusama, and many more were recently listed on the main Binance Exchange. Binance has also added Futures contracts for many of the aforementioned tokens as well. Needless to say, Binance is the only Centralised Exchange that has been adding so many DeFi projects and at a faster pace than most exchanges.

The future of DeFi of BSC remains to be seen. However, with partners like AAVE, 1inch, ChainLink, Band Protocol, Ren Protocol, Certik, and many more, it seems Binance has finally truly joined in the DeFi race.

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