bZx sUSD update

bZx sUSD update

Last week a vulnerability in the bZx lending protocol was exploited and an individual netted 2388 ETH. The attack utilised a flash loan to purchase~$1m worth sUSD from the Synthetix Depot. The sUSD was then deposited as collateral to borrow an inflated amount of ETH. This meant bZx ended up with the sUSD in their vault and ~3500 ETH was deposited into the Synthetix Depot, which was then sent to the Synthetix Foundation, which supplied the sUSD.

Synthetix has agreed with bZx to exchange the funds and send the ETH back to bZx in return for sUSD. This will allow bZx to use the ETH to make interest payments on the loan, while the Synthetix Foundation can continue to use the sUSD in the Depot to provide an on-ramp to Synthetix.Exchange.

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