Claim Bankless Token Badge – Wave 1

Last month we introduced the Bankless Token Badge and 100 of you signed up to receive the first wave of tokens. We now have a way for the first 100 to redeem badges!

How to Self-Claim your Bankless Token

👉Watch DeFi Dad claim the first Bankless Member Badge!


  • Must be a Full Member

  • Must be among the first 100 in wave 1

  • Need Metamask or WalletConnect

  • Need ETH to pay for gas ($1-3 or so)


  1. Find wave 1 email (search your inbox for

  2. Click your secret code link

  3. Input your ETH address or ENS name to receive badge

  4. Connect Metamask or WalletConnect

  5. Confirm your transaction & wait for it to complete!

That’s it! You’ve now received your Bankless Token! This is proof of your membership to Bankless in 2020. Keep it safe! We’ll use it for a lot of cool stuff in the future.

Where can I see my token?

Am I in the Wave 1?

If you’re in the first 100 who signed up for Wave 1 you will have received an email today from Search your inbox and spam folder for this email, subject line: “You can now claim your Bankless Token (Wave 1)”.

That will contain your secret link for the token claim!

(If you didn’t receive this email you weren’t in the first 100.)

I’m not in the first 100 but I want one!

If you’re an active full subscriber you’ll get one soon! We plan to release a self-claim option for all full subscribers within the next week or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Bankless token badge?

You know Amazon Prime? It’s a bit like that—but for crypto. Click here for details.

Who’s eligible?

All Full Members of the Bankless Program with active subscriptions.

Does it cost extra?

Nope! You’re eligible to get one as a Full Bankless Member. But you will have to pay gas fees in ETH to self-claim. Gas fees to mint will vary (currently between $1-3).

Rollout time?

We’re rolling this out in two phases:

  • Wave 1—first 100 can self-claim their token 👈(we are here)

  • Wave 2—remaining members can self-claim their token (ETA June 19th)

Weren’t you going to send these to our ETH addresses?

We were. But then gas got expensive. And stayed expensive. So rather wait, we rolled out this self-claim option—you pay for gas but can get your token whenever!

How do I know if I’m in wave 1?

If you received an email from with the subject line: “You can now claim your Bankless Token (Wave 1)” you were in Wave 1. If not, you’ll need to wait until Wave 2.

I still have questions!

Ping @0xLucas in the Inner Circle Discord.

This is gonna to be fun. Happy claiming!


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