Coffee & Coin – Issue #4

It was a slow week for news from a lot of teams, due to the shut down for the labor day holiday last week.

We took the time to speak with some of our users about what they like and don’t like about Coffee & Coin so far and have changed up our approach. You can read more about it in our our article here: “New Directions for Coffee & Coin” – now let’s get to your news!

The Summaries:

Ethereum 2.0 Client Lock-in:

One of the largest challenges facing Ethereum 2.0 is ensuring that there is interoperability directly between all major clients, wallets and protocols. Core members of the Ethereum team had advocated for a conference to create a protocol standard to enable all the clients to speak to each other with full interoperability. In the end, major client teams agreed to each send representatives to an “interop lock-in” in Toronto, where the client teams would work together to create and implement a spec, and the lock-in would last until the clients were fully compatible. The full list of goals for the lock-in are published on the Ethereum Github. The teams are already three days into the lockup which started on September 7th and are continuing towards their goals, its been a serious commitment for a lot of smaller teams who sacrificed key players during major events and conferences, like ETHBoston which are normally a great way for small teams to meet potential investors.

Crypto Twitter was eeriely quiet this past week with multiple influencers out at lock-ins, and traveling to/from conferences like ETHBoston and Ethereal Summit in Tel Aviv. But, there is one fun tweet worth mentioning, when Star Trek announced the launch of their ERC-721 collectibles this past week, everyone’s favorite choppy-worded space commander took to Twitter to discuss unexplored frontiers:

News Round-Up:

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