Coinbase Custody International selected by FTX to be Primary Custodian

Today we’re welcoming FTX, one of the world’s most exciting cryptocurrency derivatives and spot exchanges, to Coinbase Custody International (CCI). As the primary custodian for FTX, Coinbase Custody will be responsible for the storage of its ERC-20 exchange token, $FTT.

FTX selected Coinbase Custody International after reviewing our battle-tested storage solution which includes world-class security, regulatory compliance and insurance coverage. Coinbase is committed to serving a wide spectrum of institutional clients including exchanges, brokerages, hedge funds, family offices, and endowments.

FTX is our largest exchange client to-date and joins a roster of world-class institutions that have chosen to trust Coinbase Custody and Coinbase Custody International with their crypto assets. These include leading crypto firms like Grayscale Investments, Polychain Capital, a16z crypto, and many more.

Our institutional range of products provides a seamless, powerful, secure and compliant ecosystem for our clients to trade, store and interact with their crypto. The suite combines access to the world’s largest pool of regulated, verified crypto liquidity through Coinbase Pro with high performance APIs and a high-touch coverage team. Paired with access to our global OTC trading desk and Coinbase Custody’s highly secure and insured storage platform, Coinbase delivers the trust, security, and performance needed by investors to trade with confidence.

Coinbase Custody is the world’s largest and most trusted crypto custodian. To learn more about Coinbase Custody click here.

**Over the coming days, crypto watchers may notice large $FTT transfers on the blockchain. These are controlled, closely monitored migrations of $FTT onto Coinbase Custody’s secure, offline storage platform.**

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