Coinbase Custody launches a redesigned product experience

Now available to all clients, this update makes Coinbase Custody simpler and easier to use.

By Allen Osgood, product manager, Coinbase Custody

It’s been a busy month at Coinbase Custody. This week we launched a completely refreshed product experience with a brand new interface, we upgraded our read-only API endpoints, and we started paying for client network withdrawal fees for assets supported on Coinbase Pro. Let’s quickly go through all of the new improvements.

A Redesigned Product Interface

Coinbase is committed to providing a world-class, intuitive product experience across all our products. Coinbase Custody shares this ethos. The update we released today makes the Coinbase Custody interface even simpler and easier to use. If you are a current client, you can sign into your account and see these improvements live. If you are assessing whether Coinbase Custody is right for you, you can also contact us to schedule a live demo of how the new interface works.

Read-Only API Access and Documentation

Also released today, we upgraded our read-only API endpoints and documentation. Current Coinbase Custody clients can create an API Key to programmatically access information about their account. You can learn more about how to set up and use the API in our updated developer documentation.

Custody-Paid Network Fees for Assets Listed on Coinbase Pro

As of last week, Coinbase Custody started paying network fees for all assets listed on Coinbase Pro and Prime. This will simplify the accounting and transaction audit trail for clients. We will continue to roll this out for more assets as they are supported by Coinbase Pro.

If you are interested in learning more about the updates we released today, or more about Coinbase Custody in general, please visit

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