Coinbase makes sending and receiving crypto even easier

By Paul Katsen, Product Manager

Our mission at Coinbase is to create an open financial system for the world. A key part of achieving this mission is to provide customers with familiar, but better, financial services built on top of cryptocurrencies. That’s why we’re launching improvements to how customers can send and receive crypto. Now, you’re a few quick taps away from paying a friend, making a purchase, or transferring funds across the 100+ countries we support or to any crypto wallet.

Millions of customers already send and receive funds on Coinbase, but with our recent changes we’re making it even easier, especially for those who may be new to sending or receiving crypto with us.

  • Discoverability: Customers can now begin a transaction on mobile with the action button regardless of where they are in the app.
  • Execution: We’ve made it simple to switch between currencies quickly, and removed a few steps to make it more intuitive for new customers. Customers around the world can more easily send and receive crypto with no fees in most instances.
  • Confidence: Cleaned up visual design and added cues to help customers better understand what’s happening as they send and receive crypto.

Along with helping you manage your crypto and earn rewards, we believe sending and receiving will be a critical element of the open financial system. We are excited to make this service accessible to more customers on Coinbase.

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