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Compound and Uniswap have both recently announced proposals that would institute official grants programs for the respective protocols. Compound, the DeFi money market has an active proposal that gives governance the ability to pay a particular amount of COMP to a specific contributor.

🏛 Compound Proposal 30 🏛

Our proposal to add COMP grants to @compoundfinance is live!

— Gauntlet (@gauntletnetwork) December 5, 2020

The Compound proposal seems like it should pass without issue with its major supporters being Robert Lesner, InstaDApp, and Pantera Capital. According to the forum post preceding this proposal, this change was meant to give the protocol’s Comptroller contract a clean way to make payments to Compound contributors. To read more about how this proposal came to be and how it can be used to further the COMP community read the original forum post here.

On the Uniswap side, the proposal came from similar intentions seems to include an additional framework for governance that the UNI community must now review and decide if they wish to adopt it. Titled the “Uniswap Grants Program” by Jesse Walden of Variant Fund, the program is meant to provide valuable resources to help grow the Uniswap ecosystem at large. Currently, it proposes a max quarterly grant budget of $750,000 with a 6-month gap between reassessment of the budget and caps.

📢 RFC/POLL: Uniswap Grants Program v0.1

A proposal for funding @UniswapProtocol ecosystem development with grants from the UNI treasury.

Authored by @VariantFund (me) + @nkennethk (EF grants coordinator)

Please comment and/or poll yr feedback!

— Jesse Walden (@jessewldn) December 3, 2020

The Uniswap proposal also looks to establish a committee of six that includes 1 lead and 5 reviewers, this committee would hold the grants program accountable for success and return any excess funds back to the UNI treasury. Jesse has proposed the following individuals for committee roles:


Program Lead: Ken Ng 19 (HL Creative Corp)
Ecosystem Support Program at the Ethereum Foundation

  1. Reviewer: Jesse Walden 3 (o/b/o Unofficial LLC dba Variant Fund 3)
    Founder and Investor at Variant Fund (holds UNI)
  2. Reviewer: Monet Supply 6
    Risk Analyst at MakerDAO
  3. Reviewer: Robert Leshner 2
    Founder and CEO of Compound Finance
  4. Reviewer: Kain Warwick 1
    Founder of Synthetix
  5. Reviewer: a Uniswap company member, if willing


Similarly to the Compound proposal, this seems like something that the community will easily approve of. Hayden Adams, founder of Uniswap has also taken to Twitter to broadcast this proposal.


RFC from @nkennethk and @jessewldn for funding a Uniswap grants program, with a grants committee led by Ken!

For those of you who don’t know, Ken is the Ethereum Foundation grants coordinator that granted @UniswapProtocol its first grant in Summer, 2018.

— Hayden Adams 🦄 (@haydenzadams) December 3, 2020


To read more about committee, specific timelines, and operations of the grants program check out the original forum post here.

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