Compound Weekly, 9/09

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ETH Boston + Compound

ETH Boston just wrapped up this weekend and there were a number of projects that leveraged Compound.  Here is a list of them with a brief description and link: 

  • Tribute: A metered subscription layer fueled by directing rDAI interest to a content provider. 

  • Suma: Providing flexible hedges for DeFi interest rates.

  • CD-RW : Streaming money with your CD tokens.

Kyber Online Hackathon Launches; Win cDAI!

Our friends at Kyber kick off their online hackathon today that features $42,000 in total prizes. Compound is an official sponsor and is offering $5,000 USD in cDAI for projects that leverage the protocol. The hackathon will continue until October 21st and Compound founder Robert Leshner will be judging.

Updates & Press

  • An Ethereum-based lottery app launches after hitting 150,000+ DAI in the lottery pool.

  • CEO of SparkPool, a very large ETH mining operation, mentions a core focus for them is researching DeFi and mentions Compound in ▶️ this video.  

  • The community vote to select the next two Compound assets is about to wrap up soon. Users can select from 12 assets, and votes are weighted by participation in Compound markets (weighted by interest earned, and paid) by signing an Ethereum message. So far, over 1469 users have voted, and have cast 770,000 (weighted) votes out of approximately 2 million potential votes. Voting ends in just 2 days.

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Ryan Sean Adams speaks about how approximately 50% of DAI is currently locked in Compound.


Total supply and borrowing both trended very slightly down this week, with current supply at $161 million and borrowing at $43 million. The count of suppliers increased to cross 11,000 while the count of borrowers increased to 1,340.

The three largest suppliers this past week minted $940k cUSDC and $34k cDAI, $690k cETH, and $680k cUSDC. The three largest borrowers this week borrowed $400k DAI, $190k DAI and 1,200 ETH, and $200k USDC and 600 ETH.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.


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