cTokens On Set Protocol, Sablier Goes To Mainnet And More

cTokens on Set Protocol

Set Protocol has announced the integration of Compound tokens and the launch of the first cToken enabled Set, the ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set. The benefit of cToken integration is that users can now earn interest while the Set is positioned in the stable-asset.

“We’re excited to be building with Compound to offer cToken integration within Set Protocol as it’s been one of the most requested features from our users since we launched Trend Trading Sets back in July. Our first Set that contains a cToken is the ETH RSI 60/40 Yield Set which now accrues interest when the Set is positioned in cUSDC.”

– Anthony Sassano, Set Product Marketing Manager

Sablier Launches on Mainnet

Sablier launches on mainnet, enabling users to make streaming payments in real-time, by the second, for use cases such as streaming payroll. Users can create streams using Compound’s cDAI or cUSDC, or they may also use DAI, USDC, and SAI. Sablier has launched a well-designed user experience in the form of a web app, to power these autonomous, trustless, continuous payments.

Paul Razvan Berg, the founder of Sablier is live-streaming his salary in cDAI.



Total supply is currently at ~$117 million from 13,000+ suppliers, and total borrowing is at ~$26 million from 1,300+ borrowers. 

The three largest suppliers this past week minted $5.6m of cDAI, $2.9m of cETH and $2.2m of cETH.  The three largest borrowers this past week borrowed $800k, $500k, and $461k of cDAI.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.



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