DeFi Arts Intelligencer – Dec. 26th, 2020 Bankless

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Thanks to the Intelligencer’s sponsor this month, F1 Delta Time! The NFT sports arena is blooming, and F1 Delta Time is one of the biggest projects in that sector right now. The Formula 1 blockchain-based game has brought in 100s of ETH worth of transactions in recent weeks, which shows the game is booming lately. Keep it on your radar accordingly!

For this dispatch:

🎨 Digital Art & Collectibles

  • Legendary NFT maestro Pranksy sold masked zombie CryptoPunk 3831 for 99.99 ETH …

  • Black cryptoartists have collectively made +1,100 ETH in sales so far this year …

  • DJ 3LAU played an epic set for the “Release the Kraken” Xmas party at Kraken HQ in Decentraland this week …

  • Speaking of virtual worlds, there was a spate of major Cryptovoxels sales this week too …

🕹️ Blockchain Games

  • The Axie Infinity team released a testnet version of its Ronin sidechain.

  • Axie Infinity also published an excellent primer on the ins and outs of Mystic Axies. Don’t miss this one …

  • No-loss Ethereum savings game PoolTogether opened up a dedicated UNI prize pool …

  • The latest version of dark forest, a decentralized rts game, is out!

dark forest @darkforest_eth

Merry Christmas! dark forest v0.5 is live -> sending keys this weekend. happy hunting 👾

December 26th 2020

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♦️♦️ DeFi News

📰Fresh Content

🖌️Extra, Extra

  • Be sure to check out my cryptoart gallery starter pack! You can earn 0.8 ETH by referring the OpenSea bundle as well …

Thanks for reading, and stay creative on- and off-chain!

Keep an 👁️ out for the 1st issue of Metaversal this time next week, too. Cheers ✌️ DeFi Arts Intelligencer, signing off.


About DeFi Arts Intelligencer

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I’m passionate about art and a DeFi/NFT optimist, so putting together this newsletter is both fun and informative for me. I hope others may find the content helpful, too. But be mindful, the information herein should not be construed as investment advice. I’m not a financial adviser, and these are my opinions. Always take care to seriously consider the various layers of risk you face in participating in the still-maturing cryptoeconomy.

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