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Firstly, I’d like to say thank you so much to everyone reading DeFi Weekly till date. I started writing this almost 2 years ago now as a growth hack for my first DeFi startup (8x Protocol). Even though the startup didn’t work out, this newsletter funnily enough did!

Over the past 6 months, the response and growth of DeFi Weekly has been super encouraging to see. I’ve had VCs tell me that the content here seems like conversations they’re having internally or regular users appreciating how my writing can simplify a complex technical concept in a super easy to understand way. The best bit is I genuinely love doing this as it:

a) Educates a wider audience about nuance that only insiders understand

b) Allows me to bring attention to certain projects, topics and issues

c) Helps me learn about concepts from some of the best experts in the field

I’m super excited to continue creating high quality content although I’ve also got other time commitments that increasingly make keeping DeFi Weekly completely free, hard to justify. Therefore starting from this week, DeFi Weekly will make the switch to being a freemium newsletter with a standard $10/month subscription.

So what does Premium give you?

  1. The full edition of my weekly articles will only be available to Premium members. A small portion of each article will still be accessible to free readers.

  2. On the radar posts featuring upcoming projects that I’m excited about – think of this DeFi deal flow (for the VCs out there reading this)

  3. Access to the DeFi Weekly Telegram. The audience of this newsletter is highly sophisticated. Connect with them and myself.

I’ll still be posting my protocol deep dives and special editions to my entire audience since those are core drivers of growth.

PS: I’m an entrepreneur at heart and will probably increase the price, so you should get in while you can at $10/month 😉

Thank you for being such an amazing audience and continually supporting me.

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