Demo: Asset Creation, Issuance, and Management on Ethereum

How Codefi’s blockchain platform helps institutions and investors manage the lifecycle of digital assets, associated markets, and digital financial instruments

“Codefi Assets is helping us lead the largest tokenized operation in Europe. Their partnership has been instrumental in our leveraging blockchain technology to optimize fund management processes across our activities.” — Baptiste Saint-Martin, Product Development Manager at Mata Capital

Codefi Assets is a powerful and easy-to-use blockchain platform that streamlines the entire asset issuance and lifecycle management process. It provides building blocks that simplify and customize the design, issuance, and distribution of digital assets and securities. The permissioned platform also allows issuers to easily share information between internal entities or external counterparties.

Codefi Assets provides a single dashboard where investors can view their portfolios, initiate wire transfers, inspect individual assets, and manage shareholder rights. The dashboard enables issuers to interface with investors, distribute investment vehicles, review investor documents, and sign contracts. Codefi Assets provides the capabilities that institutions and investors need for the next generation of commerce and finance.

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