Dharma Launches StackingStreakSweepstakes

Starting today, you can be entered into a sweepstakes to win $50 for buying ETH on Dharma. 

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Buy at least $50 of ETH on Dharma by 12pm PST on Friday, 3 July 2020

2. All trades are valid, both crypto trades and purchases directly from a debit card

3. Tweet at @dharma_hq with a screenshot of your ETH purchase from your activity feed as so:

Tweet your ETH purchase card @dharma_hq to be entered to win prize $$

That’s it 🙂

Sweepstakes Details:
1. Once the 24-hour eligibility period has elapsed, every qualifying Twitter handle will be entered into the sweepstakes

2. One Twitter handle will be randomly selected as the winner

3. The Dharma team will send $50 to the winner through Dharma’s Social Payments feature by 5pm PST Friday, 3 July.

4. Dharma will announce the winner on Twitter

Terms and Conditions:
To be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes, you must have a valid Dharma and Twitter account. You must also meet all Dharma account and debit card purchase requirements. Only one entry is allowed per Dharma user.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Twitter.

Psssssst: We know that buying once isn’t a StackingStreak. More to come. Hint hint. 

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