Eidoo, Floatify, and more Compound launches

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Eidoo, a multi-currency wallet with a hybrid exchange built in, announced support for cDAI. Users can now view & manage Compound DAI balances directly from Eidoo.


Floatify announced the launch of a fiat to Compound on-ramp, built on top of Wyre, that allows users to easily supply assets to the Compound protocol.


Baptiste Grève announced the launch of MyDefi, an Ethereum dashboard to easily visualize DeFi balances & activity. At launch, MyDefi supports Compound, MakerDAO, and TokenSets.

Cold Crypto 

Nick Springer launched Cold Crypto, an iOS application that tracks Compound protocol balances, Maker CDPs and over 50 different token balances. Each Compound market is included, with information about supplying or borrowing assets from the protocol.

Compound Turns 1 

One year ago on Sept 27th 2018, Compound V1 was launched to the public, with support for four assets; Ether, BAT, ZRX, and REP.

In the Compound protocol’s first year, there were quite a few milestones:

  • The protocol was upgraded to V2

  • Three new assets were supported; DAI, USDC and WBTC

  • Dozens of interfaces and applications have integrated the protocol, and many more are building on Compound

We’re looking forward to the next 99 years.

Updates & Press


Total supply is currently at $153 million from 12,000+ suppliers. Total borrowing is at $41 million from 1,400 borrowers. 

The three largest suppliers this week were for 26,000 ETH; 3.2 million USDC; and 8,000 ETH and 100,000 DAI. The three largest borrowers this week were for 600,000 DAI and 70,000 USDC; 3,000 ETH; and 500,000 DAI.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.


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