ETH Waterloo, Dharma Smart Wallet, Kyber Hackathon, rDAI, and More

ETH Waterloo Hackathon

The ETH Waterloo hackathon just concluded this past weekend in Canada. Here are two threads with updates on some of the interesting projects that were submitted. There were several projects at the hackathon that were built with Compound:

Bounty Up – A fee-free bounty platform. Earn interest with Compound, and rDAI during the time the person keeps the DAI on the platform.

Defy-Dy – Derivatives of DeFi protocols.  Allows users to invest in a company based on its performance, not through stock speculation. Hart Lambur of UMA shared his thoughts on it.

The Altar of rDAIrDAI offerings for open source projects. rDAI powered open-source funding dApp that encourages supporting open source projects.

Dharma Smart Wallet

Dharma continues to move forward on easy to use DeFi applications with their new Dharma Smart Wallet. The wallet keeps user funds safe by generating and securely storing keys in the browser. Users can simply log in to Dharma and their Dharma Smart Wallet will take care of the rest. The wallet reduces the barriers to mainstream adoption by resolving many of the issues with private key management, gas, nonces, and web3 interactions.

Kyber Hackathon Winners

The Kyber Hackathon voting is in. The Compound winners have been announced.

$3,500 prize Fyber Exchange– Decentralized marketplace for buying and selling goods where Compound secures security deposits on items.

$1,500 prize MarginSwap– Seamlessly use liquidity from Compound to place margin trades with up to 4x leverage.

We wanted to say a big thanks to all the 17 teams that built with Compound.  We were impressed by all the projects and the participation.

rDAI Goes to Mainnet

rDAI is now on mainnet.  With rDAI, you you can deposit DAI, generate interest from it and then give that interest to a third party such as a charity while keeping the custody of your funds. When you deposit, you receive rDAI, which will always be redeemable for the DAI you deposit. You can see the live transactions here on Etherscan.

Our mission at rDai is to build and distribute new forms of money through programmable interest. rDai allows you to separate principal from interest, and one of the major use-cases we are excited about is no-loss charitable giving. As Vitalik Buterin said, “rDai is a reason for hope for a more values-driven financial ecosystem on Ethereum.”

– Francesco Enzi, founder 



Total supply is currently at $140 million from 13,000+ suppliers. Total borrowing is at $31 million from 1,200+ borrowers.

The three largest suppliers this week minted $3.7 million of cETH; $1.7 million of cETH; and $1.5 million of cDAI, cETH, and cUSDC. The three largest borrowers this week borrowed $980k of DAI; $500k of DAI; and $330k of DAI.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.


More USDC now being borrowed than DAI

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Upcoming DeFi Events

ETH Denver

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February 14-16, 2020

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