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While we gear up for the launch of ETH 2.0, better known as Serenity, it should come as no surprise that ETHGlobal events are starting to become as popular as ever.

Ranging from hackathons to economic discussions, ETHGlobal events create a foundation for largely digital interactions to manifest in a physical form.

Seeing as the industry is largely predicated on web3 interactions, it’s important to provide opportunities for community members to collaborate at different global hubs.

One ETHGlobal event – EthCC – has quickly become one of the most popular events for community development within the European Ethereum ecosystem.

“As we step into next decade, we remain committed to our mandate of creating meaningful community connections with the sole focus of enabling the industry to thrive. We also want to emphasise that we welcome the global french-speaking community to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem,” – Jerome de Tychey, Founder and President of Ethereum France.

Further echoing this sentiment, Ambre Soubiran from Kaiko states:

“I truly believe that EthCC is one of the best content-driven events with a focus on blockchain because it doesn’t suffer from the gloss/hype of devcon, and it has zero commercial bs.”

This year’s third annual conference will take place in Paris, France from March 3rd-5th with a specific focus on EthVC – Fast-tracking meaningful relationships between the brightest companies and strategic investors.

The event includes notable speakers from prominent DeFi projects including but not limited to:

If you’re working on an Ethereum project or just interested in sectors like DeFi, let’s dive into why this event is for you!

Why EthVC?

By providing workshops for both project and investors to keep up on cutting edge trends, EthVC creates an environment for founders to interface with investors in an organic, holistic manner.

“We want to support Ethereum startups by linking them with the opportunity to pitch their projects to high-quality strategic investors who can propel their projects to their next stage of growth. It is also our hope that EthVC investor attendees will end up with a better understanding of blockchain than their peers and have the most promising projects in their deal flows,” said Tychey.

Unlike other ETHGlobal events, EthVC places a strong focus on allowing projects to further their pitch, ultimately bringing them one step closer receiving capital from top-tier investors.

“We are making a point of helping investors by ensuring the safeguard of the technical quality of the pitching startups, so they can focus on the business aspects with no fear of falling for a scam”

What to Expect

As for the topics themselves, the conference will explore DeFi, Enterprise, ETH 2.0 and DAOs.

Here’s a look at the agenda:

Get Involved

If you’re a startup eager to take advantage of the EthVC track, reach out

If you’re an investor eager to get involved with the event, reach out directly to or

Attendees can receive a discount on GA tickets when paying with crypto, using the following link.

If you’d like to link up with us during the event, shoot an email to

In the meantime, be sure to stay up on all things EthCC via the official Twitter account.

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