Ethereum by the Numbers — June 2020

Ethereum by the Numbers — June 2020

The latest stats from the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, including network growth, dapp adoption, developer activity, DeFi trends, and Eth2 progress.


  • 8,035 (+584). Live mainnet nodes globally.
  • 103M+ (+4M). Total unique addresses.
  • 111.5M+. (+409k). Total ether supply.
  • 1,111,318. (+195k). Peak daily transactions in May.
  • 2,000. The number of transactions per second per chain that the SKALE network can support, which just launched on mainnet.
  • 56. The number of mining pools that produced 90%+ of all blocks on Ethereum.
The flow of funds from the 8 largest Ethereum mining pools, 2017–2020.


  • V8. The version of MetaMask that’s rolling out, with a new UI, and additional features for devs.
  • Total decentralized applications on Ethereum.
  • 27. New Ethereum dapps launched in June.
  • 127k+. Transactions of dapp contracts over the past 24 hours.
  • 4,453. (+2,182). Daily active users of MakerDAO.
  • 20k+. (+7k). Bricks holders in r/FortNiteBR.


  • 12k+. (+1k) Total installs of Microsoft’s Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum.
  • 5k+. (+500) Total installs of Diligence’s Solidity Visual Auditor extension for VS code.
  • (+121,818) Truffle Suite lifetime downloads.
  • 51k+. Number of GitHub repos that use the Web3.js library.
  • 18k+. Number of GitHub repos that use the ethers.js library.
  • $5.4M+ (+800k). Gitcoin’s gross marketplace value.
  • 7,567. Number of GitHub events that the Status team generated over last 30 days.


A comparison of assets on the Compound platform.
  • 100%. (+10%). Liquidity index of USDC on Compound according to DeFi Score.
  • 32k+. (-9k). Total ETH locked in MakerDAO smart contracts.
  • $1.8B+. (+800M). Total USD value locked in DeFi.
  • 2.28%. DAI’s historical yield on Compound.
  • 4.1M+. Amount of COMP remaining, Compound’s governance token.

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  • 700+. The number of blockchain initiatives globally, according to a crowdsourced map.
  • $50 AUD. How much the World Bank raised using a blockchain platform for its Kangaroo bond due August 2020.
  • 1.5. The version of Hyperledger Besu that’s coming soon with new privacy upgrades.

Ethereum 2.0

  • 6. The number of participants in Codefi’s first batch for the Staking Pilot Program, including Binance,, and DARMA Capital.
  • 64. The number of shard chains that will run alongside the beacon chain.
  • 32. How much ETH validators must stake to the network to earn rewards (holders with less than 32 ETH can use a staking pool).
  • 1–4 MB/s. Total available data that Eth2 is expected to provide Ethereum.

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Food for Thought

  • 17%. How much The National Association of Counties estimates a decrease in revenues derived from sales taxes, gross receipts, and other charges as a consequence of COVID-19.
  • $248.7M. How much US taxpayers paid in 2015 to fund police misconduct settlement payouts.
  • 20+ days. How long settlement can take in the syndicated loans market.
  • $2 quadrillion. The value of transactions that the DTCC and its subsidiaries process per year in capital markets.

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