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Episode: #20 – The Ethereum Opportunity with Chris Burniske
July 6, 2020

We sit down in this episode with Chris Burniske to talk about crypto, DeFi, and the Ethereum opportunity. Why are we here? How will crypto make the world better? Where are we going next?

Oh…and is ETH money?

Chris has the incredible ability to drill deep into intricate analysis one moment then zoom out across history to tell us what is means for the future of humanity. Enjoy this conversation with our favorite crypto analyst-philosopher.

We cover:

  • Evolution of token valuations

  • Fixing the inequality of capital

  • Is DeFi a better system for the world?

  • Balancer as a case study

  • Have his views on governance changed?

  • Tribalism!

  • The reason we’re here

  • Going west toward the Infinite Whitespace

  • The Ethereum opportunity!

  • Bullish ETH?

  • Chris’s next book

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Resources discussed:

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