Ethereum: Past, Present, Future | Vitalik Buterin

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Episode: #21 – Ethereum: Past, Present, Future | Vitalik Buterin
July 13, 2020

Ethereum turns 5 on July 30th! That’s 5 years of history. Five years of progress. Time enough to change the world?

We sit down with Vitalik Buterin and walk through Ethereum’s past, present, and future. Has the vision changed? Has ETH earned its price? What about monetary policy? How’s Vitalik feeling about the future?

Is ETH a triple-point asset?

It seems clear that Vitalik believes the Ethereum community is its strongest asset. This band of Athenians isn’t just here to vanquish foes, it’s here to build a digital civilization for the world. Not burn it down. Build it up. 

Vitalik believes crypto is standing strong as one of the few remaining things that are genuinely international. And as we witness the balkanization of the digital world, the open door to cooperation that Ethereum provides is exactly what humanity needs in order to thrive in the 21st century. 

Happy 5th Birthday Ethereum! 🎂

The world needs you now more than ever. 

Here’s what we cover:

  • How Vitalik’s feeling about Ethereum

  • PAST:

    • Times when Vitalik was far less optimistic

    • Has Ethereum matched the original vision?

    • Identity in an independent digital civilization


    • Does Vitalik like or hate DeFi?

    • Vitalik’s biggest concern for DeFi

    • Thoughts on liquidity mining

    • The goods & bads of speculation

    • Have we earned the price?


    • 3 problems we face now

    • Spartans vs Athenians – who wins?

    • Is Ethereum a nation, a religion, a technology?

    • How Etheruem is like Briton 


    • Is ETH a triple point asset?

    • Solidifying ETH’s monetary policy


    • Gas fees are too high?

    • ETH flippening BTC?

    • Low hanging fruit?

    • His favorite ETH killer?

    • And more…

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Resources discussed:

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